9: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back once more to my sims 4 Baby Boom Challenge with Ruby and Trevor Huntley. Last time, the triplets grew up to toddlers, Bolin grew up to a child and Bambi got to her last tier of her aspiration. Ruby and Trevor also traveled to the romance festival and renewed their vows. And that’s about what I can remember and can say. Nothing more interesting happened, so let’s get back into this and see what happens this time. Also sorry for the space between this post and the last one. Life decided to be very busy and adding some sickness with it too so… yeah, but now I’m back, hopefully not to long before the next update! Now, unto the update!

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8: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


And welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge and the fifth post of my entry in SimNaNoWriMo! Last time we had Bolin turning into a kid and the recent triplets grew into toddlers! The house also got a complete structure that just now needs interior decorations and exterior too before we’re done. Which reminds me to update the titlecard too, since it doesn’t reflect the state of the house at the moment. Next update probably (or when I remember it). But that’s it for the little recap and let us jump straight back into the challenge and the life of the Huntley family.

Also! I have noticed that some pictures, or more the once of skills and pop ups, sometimes have a tendency to not show up properly… it’s strange while I edit, but I don’t know if they show up when I publish these… so if you readers don’t mind, maybe you can write in the comments if they show up or not? Perhaps they show up for me or others, but if someone notice this, I would love the feedback to see if I can solve this problem! Thank you for this quick notice and let’s get back into the update.

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7: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back to the Huntley’s baby boom challenge! Last time, Bambi grew up to a child, Bolin was a really annoying child/toddler and Ruby gave birth to the terrible three triplets; Bagheera, Basil and Betty. So now the household is at its limit, meaning no more children until the oldest leaves the nest… and that might take a while, unless I raise the limit of sims in a household. We’ll see, but for now let us jump into this challenge once more and see what happens this time in the full house of the Huntley’s.

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6: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge! Last time Trevor got some promotion, Belle the third kid of the challenge was born and the other kids learnt things and grew a little. And that’s about it I can say from my memory at this point. So instead of more rambling, let us get back into this challenge.As you can see, I also updated the titlecard. I felt I wanted it more to reflect the progress we’re making on the house too so… it’s nice to have some difference and not the same all the time. But okay enough of my rambles guys.

This is also a little longer update, because a lot of things happen! So let’s get into it!

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5: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge! Last time the birth of the first boy, Bolin happened and some skilling, with a promotion on the side. We also began to work on baby number three and this time we’ll see if we succeeded or not with that. Not much happened beside that to be honest… So let’s begin this update without further delay!

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4: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Once more, welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge! Last time we had Bambi become a toddler and also Ruby was expecting a child once more. Trevor got some promotions and more skilling/moneymaking and some upgrades to the house. That’s it so settle in, maybe grab a drink and let us go back to the Huntley’s!

Sidenote again! My screenshot taker decided to stop working again, but I did managed to get some screenshots, which will be show in this update. However, not all important and fun screenshots was documented… damn that thing! But for next update, I’ll have it fixed since my S.O was kind enough to help me find a new program and how it was used. Bless him for helping me! And that was that quick sidenote, so let’s go back in!

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3: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back to the third update of the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge. We’re not going to waste too much time here, so if you don’t know what happened last time… go back and read. Otherwise we jump right back into this challenge and take it on!

Note again here. Sometimes my pictures get out-of-order, which is a little annoying… and I don’t have anything to help me so much with the order, except the name of the pictures. So if it takes time to do an update, that’s why. Just a note to let you all know.

Extra sidenote here! Ruby and Trevor can be found in the gallery now! If you search either Huntley or #babyboom, or even my ID: Chosomoko, you should find them if you wish to download them and play with them, or just let them roam the game. End of note.

Another note: A small apologize for dropping off again, even if for a short period. I got so caught up in writing this and playing, with a side of the responsibilities of everyday life and the fact that my studies are soon to start-up again. But on the other hand, it’s going to come some more regular updates (hopefully, but not crossing any fingers here) and I have planned to also use this challenge for the SimNaNoWriMo as well over at the boolprop forum, so when this update is out, I should be signed up for it and ready to go! It’s going to be quite fun. And end of note now, so let’s go.

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