BBBC: Update 8


Welcome back to the Boolprop Baby Boom Challenge! We still have 6 kids; 5 boys and 1 girl, so the household is full for now. We need the oldest to move out before we can get another kid. So this time, things will happen at least. Some stuff I can say at least. The baby making will be none existent for now. So hold on and let us get going and see what happens this time around Sam and Belle Lockwood’s crazy challenge life!

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BBBC: Update 7


‘Sup everyone? We’re back with another update of the Baby Boom Challenge, with Sam and Belle Lockwood. Last time, there was birthday for some of the kids, I got confused over all the B:s and there was a fire. That sort of sums it up, so let us get right back into this whole challenge and see if we’ll survive another day.

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BBBC: Update 6


Ah yes… welcome back to another installment of the Boolprop Baby Boom Challenge, hosted by me Misswingless with our contestants Sam and Belle Lockwood. Last time; another boy…. the 5th boy, while we only have 1 girl. And life continued on of course as usual for the family, with perhaps a birthday or two. Anyhow, this time we’re actually going to probably have more things happening, one I know is a renovation of the house. Finally I say, being a slow poke you know. Oh well, on with the update people!


And last chapter I was wrong; I sent Belle over to the alchemy store to check the shelves… and to cut some stones. Alas, we also seem to have a new clerk. That looks… interesting.

Clerk: For tha last time lady! I am a marreid man!

Belle: I simply asked if you had red toadstool….

There was nothing interesting, so off to cut some rocks! (And annoy the clerk… hehe…)


Some cutting later and we got pretty stones, one which happened to be a sunstone! That was worth a bit. So nice I would say, so we’re getting that renovation money. But now, time to head home and watch disaster unfold.

Belle: What on earth do you talk about?


… This *Points* is bad. Belle, you set the stove/counter on fire. And it’s the first fire we have too! Not even a fire alarm… oh boi.

Belle: Do I smell burnt?


It didn’t even take two seconds before the rest of the walking family rushed to the fire, instead of going the other way…. I have a bunch of morons. No wait, every game has morons to sims, since everyone always run to the fire. Sam was there in two seconds, while Bryan was there in 1,5 seconds.

Sam: Fire! *Runs towards it, trying to be a hero*

Belle: *Having some major problems putting it out* It stopped working!


Sam: A little help?! You know, putting OUT THE FIRE?! WE HAVE KIDS!

Belle: But it’s broken….

Bryan: *Scream bloody murder*


Sam: My job here is done.

Belle: Are you kidding me? There’s still a fire!

I think Sam wants this to be over.


Belle: Well the fire is out now.

Then how come I can still see fire?!

Sam: It’s a slow burner?

Belinda: OMG! I could have almost died, the most precious person in this household!


Since we don’t have a stove now, there’s going to be a lot of quick meal around here now. Like cereal. Nothing like cereal in the morning.

Sam: Can I enjoy this in peace?


Lizard that can be sold for money. So of course Belle have to grab it. And that she did.

Belle: That lizard is so…. tiny.


Then back inside for some caring of the smaller kids still using cribs.


Then back to skilling on the alchemy station. Have to take time and use it once there’s some time at least. And to level up, since Belle here wants to max the skill!


The kid didn’t get enough sleep either… so here’s Brandon, exhausted and sleeping on the floor. Thank god this is not a ISBI challenge…


Time for papa to care for the babies, toddlers and kids if we need to!


Almost there! You can do it Belle. I think she’s like soon lvl 8, so we’re getting there to the fountain of youth recipe!


Sam: This is hell.

I know you love kids Sam, don’t say anything else. Family oriented sim… having like full with wishes for kids.



Sam: Mmm… that’s nice princess.

Sam is reading a book for work, but with all the kids and toddlers… and other things, it’s not easy trying to find the time to read it. Still he’s a trooper so, nice!


As we can see here, the winter is officially over, so spring in here and it’s time to start caring for the garden once again! SO soon almost a year have already passed in the game… that’s crazy.


The parents care for the garden, since it takes such long time just to care for it with one sim at a time. Oh well, more to sell and more to stock in the fridge. I always try to make sure that the fridge have at least 2 of each product from the garden, just for cheaper meals. And maybe more fish in the future. We’ll see.


Here we see a case of needing a new bathroom. Brandon wanted to take a shower, but so wanted Belinda. Or use the bathroom… I can’t remember. But we have one toilet and shower, when we have 2 adults and three children… oh boi. I need to renovate soon.


This sold for 26… not much, but it’s something. The moment this household don’t have to worry about money, then we can start considering keeping some of the paintings.


What is this? The whole family is outside? Okay, the baby is still outside, but that’s because the kids can’t carry anyone….. I should just had the toddlers crawl outside and then one of the adults take the baby. I know, bad me. We’re going to get the family out of the rain soon, we just have a thing to do first.


And there we go! A new house, with windows this time! WOOAH! Amazing. Just a quick look of the house at the moment, now for the inside.


Here we see an overlook (This house got a little smaller later, because I realized how enormous the room were). We see a small hallway with bathrooms to both sides, then the livingroom/dinning area. Then from the left to right, on the top; nursery, parents room and kids room. After this the money ran out sadly…


Oh right, we forgot once more. It’s actually Boyd’s birthday! He’s finally becoming a toddler… what a nice gift for him; a new house.


And here we have Boyd! Mom’s skin, eyes and looks overall… and hair too… great.


And here I quit the game, or more like…. the game crashed. Thankfully I saved around here, so we’ll come back here in a moment. Then I have no idea after a certain point, since it was several crashes, lots of pics that didn’t happen and such… so if I’m confused and nothing makes sense, you’ll know why.


And back! These next… *Checks* 8 photos are before another crash as well. But I manged to save by the last photo for this update thankfully. This is a reason for my lack of updates too, or much space between; I got pissed at the crashes and wanted to die a little. So that’s why. But I’m determined to finish this challenge before I return to my other works, so they will be a little slow. Now onward and see what happens!


Here we have little… Benjamin? Blake? …. I’m confused already, sorry. All the B names are already getting to my head sadly. But I’m doing this challenge with the B’s! Never give up, never surrender! Just look at the trooper there, he knows.


After Sam worked a little, we had some money to renovate a bathroom, so a better toilet and some coloring after the couple. It’s going to be a lot better once we have more money to use so.


Sam is up from bed, because the toddlers need to go to bed. Their energy is slowly going down to tiredness. And tired toddlers are the worst.


Skilling toddlers; both by themselves and also with a parent. Boyd need to get his basic skills and the other toddlers can get some just because why not? Better than nothing you know.


Some peanut and jelly sandwiches are being made, apart from the regular salad and pancakes too.

Belle: Oh this is so nice. Anything but the salad….. anything but that for a while thank you.


Belinda is a cutie, just that’s why I took a picture here. That’s the only reason it’s here guys. She’s adorable, despite being a diva.


And this is the last picture for this update! We leave the family here, just before the great crash, with two sleeping toddlers that Belle is going to wake up, because they’re starving too so… they need it. Thank you for this time! I’ll see you in the next one!


BBBC: Update 5


Welcome back to the Boolprop Baby Boom challenge! Last time, there was some birthdays, Sam got promoted and they also tried for the last baby, because their household is going to be full then. Things happened and other things happened too, so let us get into this once more, without more delay!

Another note; the rules have had a slight update for this challenge, so I will create a separate page for the rules in the future, sometime after this post is published.

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BBBC: Update 4


Ballow and belcome to another update of the Boolprop Baby Boom Challenge, with Sam and Belle Lockwood at the wheel. So far, we have…. 1/12 girls and 2/12 boys. But we have more kids on the way, so that’s nice. Or kid. I don’t know what we’re going to get. But less talking and more going! So let us get back into the challenge and see what happens!

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BBBC: Update 3


Welcome back to the Boolprop Baby Boom Challenge, the very third update of this challenge, with Sam and Belle Lockwood. Last chapter, Belle gave birth first to the oldest son, Brandon. Then by the end of the last update, the first twins came into the world, a girl and a boy. Which means that we have 1/12, 2/12 and 3/24 done. Just an eternity more to go. Sam got promoted too, they both skilled some and made some more money to the household. That’s about it, so let us jump right back into this people! We still have a long way to go with this challenge. And I would like to finish this sometime… this year perhaps? I’ll see.

Also I have changed the size a bit on the pictures; I just realized how ginormous they’re compared to the text… so I made them smaller. Hopefully it will look a little better.

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BBBC: Update 2


Welcome back to the Boolprop Baby Boom Challenge, with your host MissWingless and the chosen couple Belle and Sam Lockwood. Last time around, they moved in and began to gather money and things, we saw new and old faces (a lot) and the first baby was announced (not yet born though). So this time, let’s hope we get the baby born, perhaps even two or more and some more money-making and much more!

If you have forgotten the rules, quick reminder; One couple, 12 girls and 12 boys. No cheats including fertility treatment or any other thing for more babies. I will not either use apples or watermelon for gender. All children must come from the same couple, nothing else! And that’s the basic of the rules. I will put up a separate page for the rules later. For now, let us get back into this and see what happens!

NOTE: I played like yesterday… and got bummed out, since it turned out that I hadn’t taken any screenshots. I thought I had…. but simply I had pressed the god damn wrong button on my keyboard! This pissed me off, my own stupidity, so there will be no progress from town this update…. or other things. But I will try to recollect from my memory… which probably will not lead to a lot. Oh well, shit happens. So let’s go.

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