18: Huntley’s Baby Boom


Welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge with the one and only Ruby and Trevor Huntley! Last time, we had stuff and other things happened , which you can read all about if you go back to the previous update. Now let’s go!

Yeah, this was a while ago since I wrote, but life likes to get things in the way of this. Hopefully I can get back on track and finish this challenge this year! But yeah, have one guys after the long wait… and thanks for everyone that sticks and read this! You’re the greatest and I give you all a big hug! Now, unto the show!

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17: Huntley’s Baby Boom!


Welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge! Last time, the oldest of the Huntley clan, Bambi, had her YA birthday and moved out shortly after. We had two members of the house turn into vampires/will become vampires and such. Now onward with this!

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15: Huntley’s Baby Boom!


Welcome back once more to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge. Last time, we had a birthday and our second teen. Then we also had several aspirations being completed, with just the family moving on. That’s it. Onward. And look! New cover pic… nice.

Once again, thank you for your patience with the spacing of these updates. It was a a lot of things that happened this semester and intense studying, so I had to prioritize that before this. Then it was the whole thing to find job for the summer too…. which I did. I began to work this week actually and it’s a night shift so…. tired. Another reason for this being delayed. But I hope to change that now after a weeks work, getting used to it and so on. But now to stop my rambling and let us get back on track!

(And this was written almost a month ago… hehe, yeah work came and now I a little sick too, so updates will be slow…. since it’s kind of hot here too in Sweden… oh well. Thanks for your patience, so enjoy the update!)

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14: Huntley’s Baby Boom!


Hi, welcome back again to the 14th update of the Huntley Baby Boom challenge! Last time, Trevor got promoted to an astronaut, Bob and Baloo (Boy #4 and #5) aged up to toddlers… and my game crashed between this and some time more. But don’t worry, I think it was just an outdated mod back then. It’s fixed now and I play the family without worries! I’m going to finish this one! Someday! Oh well, enough with ramblings and on with the show! This is a shorter update too, just for your information.

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13: Huntley’s Baby Boom!


And I have been away for months again… oh well. I’m back now, probably crawling back into my hole sooner or later. That’s life, but I have been productive, so if I’m disappearing again, it’s probably because of life and probably me trying to write several updates so that this challenge can be over with! I like it, but want to finish too so. Enough ramble now. So… Welcome back to the 13th post of the one and only Huntley Baby Boom Challenge! Last time, Ruby gave birth to the twins, Bob and Baloo. And then it was just some filler. This time, more things happen and more filler. Probably.

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