BBBC: Update 7


‘Sup everyone? We’re back with another update of the Baby Boom Challenge, with Sam and Belle Lockwood. Last time, there was birthday for some of the kids, I got confused over all the B:s and there was a fire. That sort of sums it up, so let us get right back into this whole challenge and see if we’ll survive another day.


Back at the same place, because I played for a good hours so I have plenty of pictures for like… a few more updates. You know how it can be. And no crashes…


After some caring for the toddlers, Belle is quick outside in the garden to take care of her plants; weed them, not watering them because rain, harvesting them and everything else you do with plants.


Benjamin: You brother of mine, I need to use the potty. So move it, otherwise I eat my own hand! *Starts to chew it*

Blake: I dare you brother… do it. I won’t move at all..

Stop being mean to each other! You’re brothers for heaven’s sake!


And I just noticed that Benjamin (Yes, that’s him, pretty sure) had eyes from somewhere else… pretend grandparents or something? Must be. Because that’s not Belle’s eyes or Sam’s… must come from Sam’s part of the family.


Benjamin shows everyone how not to play the xylophone…. you don’t sit on it and you don’t sit past it either.

Blake: Clearly this shows everyone who have the superior intellect around here.

And you stop talking like you know everything!


There was a giant meteoroid in the backyard (Like the edge of the property), so I sent one of the kids… or someone else don’t know, to fetch it. It can sell… and selling things mean money… mehehe.


Some of the kids wanted to do an afterschool activity, so I sent them to sign up for scouting. Everyone of the kids. So here we see Bryan go inside to sign up for it.

Bryan: … I don’t know how I feel about this…


Eh this kid you see…. *Me trying to remember whose kid in town* EH….. It might be a kid from the Grisby family, because I remember a pop-up about them and a kid… but I can’t remember for certain… I’ll look it up. Next time I’m playing which is like… after the next three updates? I do have pics for three more updates, then I need to play again.


Sam is here working on…. walking? Maybe or just putting him down. So sorry, my memory is hazy of this since it was a good while since I played this savefile… sorry.


Brandon is playing with his imaginary friend… Why I took this, I have no clue at all. Just to show that they have things to play with?


Oh look, you never went home from signing up to activities. Instead you sit in front of school, all smiling… doing your homework. What is wrong with you?

Bryan: If I do the homework, I won’t get yelled at… and seeing the school reminds me that I want to get out of it.


Back home the kids mother is sleeping soundly, before she have to face another day with kids all around her and a day of trying to be productive. Despite sleeping in the afternoon… their sleeping schedule is all messed up.

Belle: Let me sleep just five more minutes…


Oh right, Belinda went home with a kid to their place. Here we see Belinda in Bill and Ruby’s home in Riverview. Yes, those two are together and have a kid. We’ll see their kid soon. But first…


… Look at that. I wish I had a sim with the klepto trait at this moment… that’s like 110 000 right there, sort of.


This is Richie Broke! Son of Billy Caspian and Ruby Broke. He’s sort of cute at the moment, but I’ll see more when he becomes a teen. It’s so interesting to see the life of townies and what kids they get and such. Very nice.


Some homework time together between the kids. Lovely, perhaps the start of a wonderful friendship?

Richie: Hey Belinda, do you know want to play catch after this?

Belinda: No. Keep studying.

… Okay then. No friendship. (I did get some pop-up that she was behaving “inappropriately” so… her diva trait is really screwing things up for her).


Sam came home, helped getting rid of dead plants in the garden and contemplating on life while throwing them away in the trashcan. It was not that interesting to watch, so we jump away to new places (somewhere in the house probably) to see what happens.


Sam is all of a sudden working out, so a lot didn’t happen between this and that last pic. Wow. I do sure have fun sims around here…. *cough*


Belle have woken up to care for their youngest son Boyd and to teach him everything about how you talk to people.

Belle: Now, say nachos.

Boyd: Achos?


Bed time…. okay then.

Sam: You really have nothing better to take pictures off?

Well I’m sorry that I have special taste in what’s worth taking pictures off.


A dog chased his tail across the street from the house. It was cute. I thought about adopting it somehow… but then it went away… perhaps it will come back one day.


Some in-game hours passed and Boyd have finally mastered the art of speaking! Wonderful for him and the whole house, because that mean one skill closer to a good childhood.


Belle: Your turn now. I’m going to bed.

Sam: *Dreaming of being a DJ*


Some potty training! That’s a requirement so…


The oldest Brandon is a good kid, cleaning the house and such.


And this was just to show that the garden is dormant. Not the trees for some strange reasons, but okay. So not much gardening at the moment.


Brandon is hardworking; cleaning, doing his homework, playing with his toy… all a few days before his birthday. Yes indeed, his teenage birthday is coming up soon! I’m so pumped… I can’t wait for it! More help around the house and closer to getting the kids out so we can get more kids!


Both parents sleeping soundly and nothing to worry about. That’s nice for them. I mean soon there’s only one toddler left in the house, since Benjamin and Blake will grow up to kids in a few days too.


If you can’t tell here, someone is standing really close to the wall, so their plate is sticking out of the wall. It’s Belle by the way; she’s eating some breakfast… standing so close to the wall. She’s a keeper all right.


Brandon is back at painting and almost up one level too there… to which I don’t remember which level he’s going to reach. Oh well. And I still don’t regret this new painting mod… it’s pretty pictures. Most of the time….


As the evil mail lady slams the bills once more into the ground, the pupper comes running to defend the home! Or just to ask for a rub… or bark at her. I don’t know what.


Belinda got the same opportunity that Brandon got once; to collect different gems and metals for a “treasure hunt”. So she’s out to collect stuff again. No, no. I’m a responsible simmer and the parents are responsible; sending their kids out alone in the big world… No worries at all…


Looking around town and this place is a mine for gems and such, so this is the place I decided to send Belinda to collect stuff. Lot of things… lot of stuff and gems, some that actually are worth a bit… mehehe.


Back home Sam is a loving father to his young son Blake. Despite looking odd at this moment.

Sam: *Duck face*

Blake: Hehe… Help me…


Belle is socializing with Bryan, giving hugs and talking about the day. Some mother and son bounding you know.


Later Sam found his guitar and managed to squeeze in another skill point before his parenting job called for him. So his guitar skill is currently at level 3.


Inside Belle is currently smashing her son with a pillow, giving a concussion. Poor little Bryan.

Bryan: Mom! I see feathers! Is that normal!

Belle: It’s from the pillow son. Now let’s keep pillow fighting!


Belinda was on her way home, but at to stop to pee herself.

Belinda: You really had to capture this? It’s a disgrace for me to let my fans see me like this!

Oh stop it. I have seen worse darling… trust me.


Back home Brandon is almost done with another painting of his. That we can sell and such for more money to the household. And then I got bored and looked around town.


A few people were hanging out at the local karaoke bar, some familiar faces as well like Gabriel over there with his new makeover. Hihi. Then there’s the Tom Shallow, Don I think with the white shirt and some other townies I can’t remember right now.


Look at that; back at home our little Boyd managed to learn how to use the potty correctly! Wonderful for him, because no more diaper changes… unless he’s stuck in the crib when the needs call or something.

Belle: It still stinks…. oh, I think my lunch is coming up.


It was love day, so a moment was taken by the parents to show each other some affection.

Belle: I can be your number one fan… if you know what I mean.


Sam: Baby shoes! We need to buy some more baby shoes for future kids!

Belle: *All her plans to be romantic flown out the window*

But now… some more lovely spam between these two.


I can’t believe that these two are so cute still… and they have hung around for a good while too… man… amazing.


The twins are interacting with each other nicely.

Bryan: It’s raining outside, but let’s go play tag anyway outside!

And now, incoming, is some more spam from the parents… being all lovely dovely.


Sam: Oh wow… I just heard thunder. Are the kids inside?

Belle: I don’t know… I think they are.

*Meanwhile outside*


Bryan: Was that thunder?! *Snaps head towards the source*

Belinda: I don’t know what is more scary… the thunder or the way my twin brother tilts his head… *Scared*

The kids are playing tag outside in the rain…. while it’s thunder outside too… they do have brains indeed.


And then I remembered that these two have a birthday! So it’s time to let the kids out on the floor and let the magical powder swallow them!


First out it Benjamin. Let’s see how he turns out.


Some sparkles and….


Poof. There we go, a kid Benjamin.

Benjamin: Mom… I can’t see anything.

Belle: Oh great. I think the kid needs some glasses.


In their renovated bathroom, Sam and Bryan are hiding out.

Bryan: Dad, shouldn’t we be out there and celebrate my brothers?

Sam: And let your mom know that I forgot about it? No way son, we stay in here.


And boom! There we have Blake all kid up and ready to go. These twins will get a makeover before a proper presentation, so be patient.

Blake: To much sparkles.


Now children… let me tell you a story. A story of how a family, one just like this one, became rich only to be poor again… it all started like this…


Once upon a time, there was two parents who had enough lifetime reward points to get a certain reward…


And somehow a long-lost relative to both parents died mysteriously… but they inherited some money so that the household was rich with over 64 000! It was a miracle and the family got some more money (from paintings, gems and metals and other things)…. so it went up to over 70 000! And because it was some certain kids birthday…


And also because there was a cute little girl in all blue and lilac… the household banker (aka me) decided…


That the family needed some upgrades to their home. So the family was sent across the street and in the blink of an eye…


They had a new home! A new, better and improved house with windows and proper paint and wallpaper! But not fully furnished, because the banker realized that just building the house took almost the whole fund… so the family couldn’t afford everything, because after a lot of time they had less than 1000 in their funds… and so ends the tale of how a family because rich, only to become poor again.

But who’s ready for a quick tour of the new house?! 😀


Here we have the upstairs. It consist mostly of bedroom for the kids in the future and two bathrooms. Then there’s the hallway connecting everything to the stairs. I’m quite happy with how it turned out upstairs.


And here we have the downstairs. From the top left and down; A study room for some skills, small bathroom connected there, the kitchen with dining area attached and at the bottom a bathroom connected to the hallway. From the top right we have; The parents bedroom with a bathroom attached, then the living room and the other bathroom connected to the living room. And then it’s the hallway and the main entrance area. You can tell what I put most effort into just by looking at this pic… haha. Oh well. And then it’s the garden to the left, that is connected to the kitchen area. And that’s the tour of the new house! Hope you enjoyed it.


And after this we still had some gems in the inventory too, so I decided that Sam would go over here, to the alchemy store and cut them a little.


The family seems quite unmoved by this, but I’m sure they’ll warm up to the house in no time. Since I just finished building it like not even a second ago.


And while Sam is going to the alchemy store, the rest of the family goes inside their new, improved and wonderful, yellow house.


The first problem; all the kids wanting to go to sleep and waiting for each other to go… this will be fun.

Belle: I have a bunch of retard kids living here… hello lot of hair-pulling.


Benjamin decided to run outside to try to go to the SECOND floor… so he ran to the beds location sort of, before turning around to run back inside, when he figured out that he couldn’t climb up there…. indeed stupid kids.


And while Benjamin ran back inside, the other kids found beds for themselves so sleep in. But Brandon isn’t here, so were is he? Well…


He’s the oldest, so he gets his own room for now. That’s until we can afford more and better beds for the kids and the future kids. It will take a while, but that’s how it is… And Brandon is thinking about jogging. A future athlete perhaps?


Sam: Finally home!

Dammit! I forgot about Sam… now we have to go back there again! Great. Oh well, that’s it for this time. Next update I will tell you the traits of Benjamin and Blake. Don’t worry, you’ll know about them. So next time; update about the kids, more work and skilling and also a lot of kids… and a full moon, zombie birthday! Be excited people, because I know that I am to show you what progress this household is doing!



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