BBBC: Update 8


Welcome back to the Boolprop Baby Boom Challenge! We still have 6 kids; 5 boys and 1 girl, so the household is full for now. We need the oldest to move out before we can get another kid. So this time, things will happen at least. Some stuff I can say at least. The baby making will be none existent for now. So hold on and let us get going and see what happens this time around Sam and Belle Lockwood’s crazy challenge life!


We start this update with noticing that the alchemy store clerk is childish and thinks about fishes. Either he wants to fish, is pretending his hands are fish or wants to fish.


Sam is finally back after my fail to make sure he did stuff here… I blame the rest of the family for that. So now we can cut some gemstones! And sell them for money!


Oh look at that, so pretty with sparkles and shit. Pretty stone that shines = good money for it. I love doing this.


And all of a sudden Sam pull this on me. What the heck you’re worrying about now?

Sam: That painting….



Sam: Is ugly as fuck.

Portrait: Hey now mister!

Sam… what the heck man? Instead of insulting the paintings… just show ma tha wai.


After a while Sam was done for the night and was about to head home in his new car. And here you go like… “What car? They’re poor ask fuck!” Well, well my friends and readers… there’s a surprise in store for you. You see there’s something called lifetime rewards that Sam could afford…


Voila! The Motive Mobile! Now Sam can go to work in the best mood he can be, as well as Belle if she ever goes to work you know. And it can help the kids if they need it too! It’s the savior of any challenge to have around!


Back home it sits nicely on the front lawn to be adored by anyone who comes to the house to visit or are just driving by here. I need to put it in a better place later when there’s a little more funds in the household.


Sam is in a good mood now, so he can take care of little Boyd without complain. Because he’s needs are all green! This will be wonderful, no more struggle to be awake for him.


Blake woke up, as did his twin mind you. So they’re shortly going to get their makeover. So in a picture or so I’ll present them better. Don’t you worry.


But first Sam needs to run off to work and get that money for the household. In the best mood he is… hehe.

Sam: Less talking, more doing what you should be doing.

Right…. one second.


And here we have the boys in their full makeover, currently in their pajamas though. You can tell their favorite color from this; Benjamin likes blue and Blake likes lime green. Anyhow, time to present them a little better and what trait they got.


Benjamin Loves the Heat, is a Virtuoso like his father but also is a Bookworm. Blake on the other hand, he is an Artistic boy whom Loves the Outdoors and is a Loner by nature. Poor boy, he will never be alone much around this house… if unlucky. I will make a separate page for all the kids, where you also can download them, once we have a first young adult to move out. So in a few updates a page like that will been seen… hopefully.


Blake is an amazing lad that cleaned after the breakfast. I like you Blake, I do.

Blake: Can you leave me alone?


I love their makeovers, especially Benjamins… if you couldn’t tell that. Look at them, such gorgeous boys. I can’t wait to see how they’ll look like once they’re older…. so curious… want to see them boys!


And now that I also bought some of those fancy, “water-your-garden-for-you” water sprinkles, Belle can focus on just harvest them and to weed them. Perhaps other things too, but it will take less time to care for the garden. Thank god for that.


Somewhere along the way, Belle managed to finish a challenge for the gardening skill, which is nice for her. Anyhow, the others will take some time though… and it’s not the main focus here either so.

And also Sam keeps getting offered to change job, mostly to the Law Enforcement career. We always say no, because I want Sam to reach the top of the military at this moment, before either getting a new job or letting Belle work for once.


And like that, the day have passed by and the children are back home. And let me tell you… a few kids came home with ours.


Who came home with whom is a mystery, but we have Richie Broke again, then we have Belinda, Brandon, Blake and two other kids…


The kid that is staring at Belinda is Weston Newbie. He is a creep at this moment, but Belinda got an opportunity to befriend him for school. Let’s see if we can make that happen. (I doubt it very much with her tendency to yell at people)


There we have Richie, Weston and then we actually have Rodrigo Simovitch. Three boys… seems that the whole town had a boy streak. And there’s also so much diversity between them too so. That’s nice.


Sam spent some time with his oldest, that’s actually having his birthday today! So soon we have the first teen in the house! Amazing.

Sam: If I don’t see you have your birthday son, well happy birthday now. Become a man!

Brandon: … Thanks dad.


And somehow a bunch of the kids decided to do their homework, while Belinda decided to play interact with Weston, you know to try to befriend him. If that will ever happen.


As the kids have fun, doing homework and other things (god knows what), a zombie decided to graze our front porch, or more front door. It’s actually an old workmate of Sam’s so. The kids could care less I see…


Belle is busy trying to get that level so she can read that damn recipe. Because I think she haven’t yet. Not sure though… I’m quite forgetful at this moment. Oh well. She’s working on her alchemy skill, that’s it.


What better way to raise the friendship with someone, than to play a classical game of tag with them? It’s the best way, trust the simmers; they know….


Sam is still trying to teach Boyd to walk; despite being almost possessed by a demon and getting me ready to call the priest. Neck’s ain’t supposed to bend that way… no way, Hosee….


Eh Belle… I think that perhaps you should take a step back… you’re sort of to close to the book and you might read the wrong thing….

Belle: I have never been this close to a book before… it calls to me and wants me to put Gurgi into the caldron…

….. Stop.


Brandon: Mind if I join you boys in this adventure of doing homework?

The other boys: This is not an adventure… this is hell.


Here I noticed that Benjamin wasn’t home at all…. and found him somewhere completely else. What the heck Benjamin?

Benjamin: Oh mister blue, the voice forgot that I went home with another child today. How unprofessional of them.

Thanks for that you little baffon.


The McDermott family home…. he’s on a farm, a good way from where he lives… and the curfew is slowly coming in effect. Good on him.


I didn’t find the kid Benjamin went home with, but did find the parents…. just standing there, seeming to have no awareness of their kids whereabouts.

Ginny: Darlin’, were them kids at?

Luke: That’s your job woman!

…. I think we should be moving on….


You know, I did noticed another kid was missing…. mainly the other half of Belinda, her twin Bryan. And lo and behold I found him in here… at the gym… with no proper explanation to why he’s here… none at all.


Bryan… is there any particular reason that you’re sitting here in the gym bathroom, all by yourself, doing homework?

Bryan: I won’t bend to the social constructs. Beside, it’s by standing out you get seen… and being seen makes you famous.

Ah… go home still, since curfew is coming up and I’m quite sure you wouldn’t like being caught… because that means probably grounded for you.


And all of a sudden the camera came back home to the family, because as you can see… it’s Brandon’s teen birthday that no one seem to care about here.


Weston: I thought we were playing tag…

Belinda: Not anymore. I broke a nail, so homework it is.


Brandon: They’re so small. Also, can I sleep outside… for the rest of my life?

Ahaha… of course… NOT.


And we bought some new stuff, because we need it. So there’s a new couch, a new coffee table and of course a truly new stereo. Because why not since we need to fill this place and make it more… livable you know.


Here we have Brandon in his full makeover glory. I took his traits in mind when doing this, because he’s one of those guys that always walks in shorts. You see… Brandon is now a dude that’s Virtuoso, Loves the Heat, is an Equestrian and also Loves the Cold. That’s right; our first boy can be outside in the heat and cold for much longer with horses and to play music…. he’s not that interesting when it comes to traits really…


Brandon is a twig… look at that skinny arm of his.

Brandon: It’s not that bad compared to your photo taking skills.


Actually Brandon rolled a wish to learn the athletic skill and I wanted him to train some, so off to train with you boy.

Brandon: This looks so much easier when dad does it.

That’s because he have a higher skill than you Brandon.


A random military lady showed up… despite her not being a coworker of Sam.

Military Woman: Excuse me boy, but is there an adult home?

Rodrigo: Me no habla english senorita. Me don’t even live here, no, no. Me housekeeper.


Sam is now a flight officer and managed to teach his youngest son Boyd to walk. Life is looking up to the family.

Sam: I can say that I have done more this lifetime than my last.

That’s true bro. Very much true.


Sam rolled a wish to teach Brandon to drive so… but he decided to be slightly uncomfortable first with him….

Sam: Son… look at me… This is your father speaking.

Brandon: This is way past my comfort son dad… stop.


Sam: So Brandon, you want to learn how to drive a car?

Brandon: Only if I can drive.

… That’s what you have to do Brandon… if you want to learn to drive.


And while Sam and Brandon is out to drive, another hell seems to start…

Both: Mom! Sleepy time!

Oh wait… we don’t even have a bookcase… hahha…. I was wrong. Oh thank god for that.


And in three pictures Brandon began to learn how to drive, but ended with actually him earning a driver license. Good job motive mobile and to the men over here on the sidewalk.

Sam: Okay, time to get home.

Brandon: *Jumps into the motive mobile without Sam and drives home*

Sam: Son of a….


Back home Brandon prove to be useful to help caring for his baby brother. This will be his use for now. But don’t worry… this isn’t the last we see of Brandon yet. Trust me, he have his ways of trying to remain interesting to me.


Sam had a wish to reach a certain level of the handiness skill, as well needed some for his job. So I had him go around to upgrade some stuff.

Sam: No more cleaning this. Wonderful… *Rolls wish to upgrade 10 things around the house*

That’s doable so… sure Sam. You’ll get your wish here.


Brandon since he turned into a teen have rolled wishes to learn skills like crazy. His first whim was to strung on the guitar some, so he “stole” his father’s guitar from Sam’s inventory to play on it. Since he got to max level on the xylophone as a toddler, he jumped to lvl 3 on the guitar.


Belinda still exist, as does her twin and her younger twin brothers and well as Boyd. Belle is alive too. It’s so many around the house to just look at and see what happens you know. Belinda though haven’t yelled at anyone yet so… that’s something.


Once more Brandon takes the spotlight with rolling a wish to fish once more. I´let him. And you look quite happy about this? Happy to have a lot of screentime?

Brandon: I’m just happy to be outside in the heat and fish.

Sure… whatever you say boy.


Belinda: I am the queen of this kingdom! Bow before me!

Bryan: I am the king of this kingdom! Bow before me too!

Belinda: But if I’m queen… and you’re king… that would mean…

That you two are married in your imaginary kingdom? Yes.


Both in union: GROSS! *About to be sick*

Haha… that’s what you get kids… that’s why you never play this in the same room… ever.


Blake is stuck to the easel forevermore until he moves out, because we need money and he can make it for us. He’s artistic too so….

Blake: This color scheme reminds me of my pajamas.


Benjamin got the opportunity to see a free football game too, as Brandon did once… I think. So he’s off now to watch a game with a bunch of strangers, without parents watching him… not bad parenting this, no no.


Thus it began to rain, but young master Brandon was still outside, fishing like the fool he was. Seduced by the lake, he was never seen again. The End.

Brandon: I just got better! … Not my fault that I can be outside almost forever….


Blake is still painting… the same painting, actually showing that much time haven’t passed at all in the game… nice right?

Blake: My fingers are numb.

You haven’t even been painting for like 20 minutes.


I have no clue what is going on here… either they think that each other is an idiot… or they just have gossiped about each other or something… I don’t know.


And we end this update with Sam upgrading the bathtub and finishing it, as well him beginning to upgrade the stereo. That’s it for now. So next time, perhaps another birthday if we’re lucky…. and more stuff happening. That’s all I can say. Because I don’t remember and don’t know myself, since I haven’t played much further either so. But until next time, have a good one!



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