1: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Hello and welcome to my second attempt at the Boolprop Baby Boomer challenge, since my last one decided to corrupt itself… or more like, one of the children, but nevermind that now. This time we do this challenge in sims 4.

But before we start there’s some information, that I either didn’t notice or something I think myself looks downright wrong/awful.

One: For me it looks like a lot of pictures are blurry. I have no idea if you feel the same, so would love some feedback to say if it is so. It might be my lighting replacement, but I don’t know. I’ll see if I can figure it out. So until I have figured it out, I will sharpen the shit of the pictures for my liking. But do tell me if they look awful or not please 🙂 (It might be my photo viewing program that’s acting up… gotta check that too) Edit: It’s my lightning mod… pretty sure of it, so no worries about that!

Two: My screenshots don’t exist properly until update 4, which will come soon enough. This because I thought that my program for taking them was active, when it wasn’t…. that happened last time I did this too. So from now on, I’m going to doublecheck that it’s on next time. So there’s a lot of things that happened, but wasn’t captured sadly. I’ll do my best to fill everyone in. And that’s it for information! Let’s dive into the challenge and meet our to be parents of 24 kids!

08-06-18_1-40-52 PM08-06-18_1-49-55 PM08-06-18_1-50-00 PM08-06-18_1-50-08 PM

As you can see, we begin this baby adventure in Newcrest, making the parents home on Twin Oracle Point: a 50×40 lot that cost 8500.  However, to get the funds down and as the rules state, we bought the Knight of The Octagon Table. That costs I think 8200 which brought down the funds even further towards somewhere around 5300 (If I remember right… it’s hard without the screenshots) and the knight was promptly placed in the household inventory. This is what we did with the money left. A small shack that’s the bathroom, an outdoor kitchen, tent and some other things too. And that’s how the parents begin. Now, it’s highly time that we meet them!

But before we meet them, I just want a quick saying that I’ll probably take a more observant role in this challenge and just focus on playing and documenting. It’s different from how I’m used to, but feels relaxing at the moment. We’ll see how the writing pans out from here on out. But now, back to the parents and presenting them!

08-06-18_1-50-46 PM

May I introduce Ruby Huntley, this gorgeous specimen that will bring 24 children into this world, 12 boys and 12 girls mind you. Ruby here is a sim I made some time ago, but wanted to use now. So I changed her aspiration, traits and looks for this challenge.

Now Ruby is a woman whom Loves The Outdoors, which tend to bring out her Creative side once she’s outside. Apart from that, Ruby is a Family-Oriented person that would love nothing more than to have a family. A big one is no problem. As you can expect, Ruby will be the stay-at-home parent for now and make money other ways. Her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire, which gives her the bonustrait Muser.

Of course Ruby is not alone in this challenge. She have a husband too, whom will be our sperm donator in this challenge. Shall we meet him?

08-06-18_1-50-51 PM

And here he is. This my friends, is the lovely, slightly modified Trevor Huntley. Trevor is a Genius, whom is also just a bit Clumsy too, but despite that he is Family-Oriented too like Ruby, wanting a family too. A big one is no problem for him. His aspiration is Nerd Brain, that grants him the bonus trait Quick Learner.

Some random trivia about Trevor. His last name before I changed it was Kalani. That’s right. In another savefile, that’s my megahood, Mitchell Kalani married a sim I made and had Trevor. So this is Mitchell Kalani’s son… but not in this savefile. Like I said, I also modified him, so he doesn’t look like his father all the way. But other than the eyes, hair color and some adjustments on the nose, the rest is all Kalani sort of. So expect some of those genes to perhaps pop up. But he’s handsome, I tell you that. Anyhow, enough with that chatter. Time to lay out some rules!

08-07-18_11-57-51 AM

This is a Baby Boomer Challenge, which means that I have to, with a single couple, have 12 boys and girls, 24 children in total. That’s the basic of the challenge. No cheating unless it’s necessary. Interested in the challenge? You can find the rules and read overall more about it here.

And now to list the mini-challenges in this challenge that I’ll attempt to do as well apart from the main objective. These will come up on a page later properly once I have fixed it.

Have all your children’s names start with B, for extra props and credit but also extra confusion!

Family Gallery
a) Set up a family gallery somewhere on your lot with PAINTED portraits of both your parents and all their kids! OR
b) The same as a, but only make painted portraits when the kids are YA/Adult, before they move out.

OWBC Style – Bad Apple
Have one child of each sex be a bad apple who you can’t control explicitly or view the wants/skills/etc of.

SimShare! – The Jenn Challenge
Upload your parents and all their kids for a nice points bonus.

Like SimShare, but upload your story to Boolprop and let us all read it.

I’m already sort of doing the storyshare, but I consider adding it once the challenge is over and all is posted on this website/linked in the official tread of this challenge. And the simshare I’ll do as good as I can (meaning that I’ll upload the parents and children in their own households, all as YA). The Bad Apple will come in play when the 6th girl and boy is born. Then they will be the bad apples of the family. And the rest is sort of speaking for itself. You know. But that’s the mini-challenges that will be applied to this challenge, which will make it a little more… interesting. Now, unto the challenge!

08-06-18_1-51-34 PM

It was here I realised that Trevor needed a bookcase for his aspiration, so I quickly added one to the lot, decreasing their fund even more…., oh well that’s how it can be.

08-07-18_11-58-55 AM

First order of business was for Trevor to get a job, so that they some stable source of income to the family, as well so that I could begin build their house someday. And since I was curious and thought it was fitting for his aspiration, I made Trevor join the astronaut career. Which branch he will head of into though is something I haven’t decided yet.

I just noticed to how cute Ruby is in the background… if only I had know why she made that face. Something you will see in a second.

08-07-18_11-59-34 AM

Ruby just wanted to show her husband some affection, her very first interaction with the world at all. I was taken aback, but pleased. They do make a cute couple. So curious to how their children will look like and be like… once we begin with the baby making.

Another note while I’m on the thread. I won’t stress with this challenge, but play at my own pace. But mark my words, we will make 24 babies with these two before it’s over!

08-07-18_12-01-07 PM

I wanted to get started on their aspirations a little, but these two decided that it would be more fun to joke with each other first. And that’s how they earned their very first skill point in comedy. Probably a skill I won’t focus on at the moment, but you never know down the line.

08-07-18_12-01-32 PM08-07-18_12-01-36 PM

Ruby began to paint, as Trevor began to read a book. Both requirements for their chosen aspirations. He needs to read three books, she needs to paint for five hours and paint three paintings while inspired. So best way to get started with that is to get cracking on the case. Of course Ruby got a skill point in the paintingskill, while Trevor just… read a book.

08-07-18_12-03-03 PM

Of course since it was Ruby’s first painting, it didn’t make a profit really. The canvas was bought for 50 simoleon and she sold the painting for 45 simoleons…. a loss of 5 simoleons sadly, but that’s to be expected with someone just starting to paint. In the endgame Ruby will make quite a profit from painting. Probably why I started with a painter.

08-07-18_12-03-49 PM08-07-18_12-04-53 PM08-07-18_12-06-05 PM08-07-18_12-06-55 PM

I had Ruby go around town to gather some things for money, while her hubby decided to… keep reading. I wonder if he even have noticed that his wife ran off somewhere. But i must say that I adore the animation when sims look for frogs… just look at Ruby in that picture! So adorable and cute…

08-07-18_12-09-36 PM08-07-18_12-10-05 PM

Ruby wanted to catch a fish, so I sent her fishing after she had finished collecting all the things she could, while also waiting for her husband to finish reading his second book. Which you can see by the bottom picture that he have, so one more book to go. But Trevor also need to get some logic skill too, for his aspiration and job. So it was time to head to a place I knew had a chess table for him to practice on.

08-07-18_12-11-46 PM08-07-18_12-12-04 PM

The library in Willow Creek! So Trevor can get some logic skill of course. But now you wonder why there’s an easel on the porch of the library? Well in the most recent update of Sims 4, I know it was an update at least, the simteam made it so that the easels are portable. This means that you can take your easel from home and bring it anywhere for your sims to paint. And this was the perfect time for it, since Ruby needs to level up her painting too. And we can make some money as well… so that’s a plus.

(It’s so weird to type Ruby… I have recently with my S.O watched Supernatural, currently on the fourth season… and I just keep going to that show when I type that name. For those who don’t know, Ruby is a character that appeared earlier in the show and is in season 4. I won’t spoil for those not knowing, but she have a certain… personality and character. That’s all I say, so time to move back to more interesting stuff.

08-07-18_12-12-40 PM08-07-18_12-13-41 PM

A short while after Trevor sat down and began to play chess, Bjorn Bjergsen came around and they began to play. I tried to make them as well have an active conversation… however it didn’t seem Bjorn wanted that and the match quickly ended and he left. So much for trying to make friends around here I guess.

08-07-18_12-14-09 PM08-07-18_12-14-27 PM

Ruby is still painting and selling them, but her hunger is getting lower. So she’s going to go around collect some things instead after this painting is done, then find food. Hopefully someone have made food for us to pick up and eat!

08-07-18_12-18-14 PM

I looked around for some collectables and found this miserable guy around… he looks… not happy at all. Either he pissed himself, had too much fun with the garbage or just forgot to take a shower for a couple of days. The world may never know.

08-07-18_12-20-45 PM

Some time later, Victor Feng came and joined Trevor in a game of chess and they did get some relationship points. That was nice, so now Trevor have someone to talk to outside the household once the kids start coming.

08-07-18_12-22-06 PM

It was here I remembered that I never really had given the postcard collection a chance, so I thought to myself… why can’t I try to complete it with this challenge? So I had Trevor use the computer to search for a pen pal. Sadly we won’t come back to check the computer, but hopefully the family can afford a computer soon, so that they can check and get more pen pals. But until then…. it’s a mystery if we’ll do it.

08-07-18_12-22-33 PM08-07-18_12-23-04 PM

After some collecting from Ruby’s side, she found some grilled fruit sitting around so she did have some free food (something I love with this game, that you can just find food that other sims have made, yay!!) and after that she took out the easel to paint some.

Ruby: Hmm… I don’t think that is how the easel is supposed to stand.

You just have to go around to the other side love. Then you can paint.

08-07-18_12-23-50 PM

Trevor found his way to his wife (and free food) and shortly after, Akira came around…. looking grumpy. I don’t understand really, every time in most of my save files, I always see Akira grumpy. What’s with the long face? I will never understand.

08-07-18_12-24-43 PM08-07-18_12-25-07 PM

Before heading home I decided that Ruby should finish her painting and sell it, also pack her easel into the inventory. While she did that, Trevor fished some, because why not? Better than nothing while waiting for his wife to finish. And Akira is still pouting around being grumpy. That man…

08-07-18_12-26-37 PM

Back home I cleared out Ruby’s inventory and checked what we had. Two statues, one crystal, three ores, a fish and seven frogs, in which three of them is the same. Now, it was here I had an idea, that sort of sprung to life from thinking about the postcards. What if, while doing this challenge (adding even more things to an already full plate, thanks brain) I would try to collect and complete as many collections as I could? I thought that would be a fun little optional challenge to do, but it’s not going to be the main focus of this challenge of course, but more of a fun thing to try. We’ll see at the end of the challenge how it have gone and if any of those collections are complete by then.

After this picture I sold two of the three same frogs, but kept the rest. The frogs will be breed for new frogs and the rest is being saved. If we get duplicates though, then we sell them.

08-07-18_12-27-36 PM08-07-18_12-27-55 PM08-07-18_12-28-52 PM

Because this is a baby boomer challenge and the whole point is to make babies, I thought that it was highly time to make some babies. So they went for round one… then two… and then they actually went for round three (just to make sure she got knocked up you know) before going to bed, exhausted… like really.

I also can’t believe how cute they are… I like them, a lot as sims and couples. Cuties.

08-07-18_12-32-06 PM08-07-18_12-32-23 PM

Morning comes around on the second day and some breakfast is in order, as well as socialization (Ruby needed some since her bar was quite low) before Trevor heads out for work. At this point, Ruby can take a pregnancy test without making a hole in their funds, but I want to wait until Trevor gets back home so she can tell him (if they’re pregnant).

08-07-18_12-33-30 PM08-07-18_12-35-14 PM

Ruby spent her day breeding frogs, painting (quite pretty pictures, that’s starting to make some profit now too! I think she’s 3-4 on the painting skill now, not sure since I don’t have any screenshots to confirm it… dammit) and just other things. But with her painting and perhaps collecting and selling some, they had enough money to buy a chess table, so that Trevor can level up his logic! Perfect so that they don’t have to go to the library all the time.

08-07-18_12-39-33 PM

Some time later and Trevor arrives back home and takes care of some needs, before settling down and reading the last book he need for his aspiration tier. Then he needs to focus on the logic skill, which he also needs for work. At the library I think he got to level 2 of the logic skill. Maybe, not sure, but maybe.

08-07-18_12-40-06 PM

And we end this update with Ruby announcing that the first (possibly more maybe than one??) kid of the challenge is on its way! Next update will feature: More things, Ruby announcing the pregnancy to Trevor, perhaps even a birth of the kid/kids. Then more skilling probably and perhaps even the beginning of building their home! Who knows. Well I know, but I won’t tell you! That’s for the next update. Have a good one until then!

2 thoughts on “1: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge

  1. I love your parent sims! They’re SO, SO gorgeous! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I love the painting, and man I wish I could understand some of the more nuanced pieces of the collecting from this game! I can't wait to see the children! Good luck with your Boom, I'll be reading!


    1. Thank you. I really adore them and I’m going to be so disappointed if they don’t make cuties to children!! Yeah, there’s so many paintings that’s cool and other that’s just… okay? Hard to say, I can’t wait either for you guys to see the kids. I’m working on the next update, so should come tomorrow hopefully! Thank you so much!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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