3: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back to the third update of the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge. We’re not going to waste too much time here, so if you don’t know what happened last time… go back and read. Otherwise we jump right back into this challenge and take it on!

Note again here. Sometimes my pictures get out-of-order, which is a little annoying… and I don’t have anything to help me so much with the order, except the name of the pictures. So if it takes time to do an update, that’s why. Just a note to let you all know.

Extra sidenote here! Ruby and Trevor can be found in the gallery now! If you search either Huntley or #babyboom, or even my ID: Chosomoko, you should find them if you wish to download them and play with them, or just let them roam the game. End of note.

Another note: A small apologize for dropping off again, even if for a short period. I got so caught up in writing this and playing, with a side of the responsibilities of everyday life and the fact that my studies are soon to start-up again. But on the other hand, it’s going to come some more regular updates (hopefully, but not crossing any fingers here) and I have planned to also use this challenge for the SimNaNoWriMo as well over at the boolprop forum, so when this update is out, I should be signed up for it and ready to go! It’s going to be quite fun. And end of note now, so let’s go.

08-07-18_1-40-17 PM08-07-18_1-40-25 PM

We return to the Huntley’s with Trevor caring for his newborn daughter Bambi. It’s always quite cute when the adults interact with their kids.

08-07-18_1-41-36 PM

And the painting is up in the nursery. I think I named it Sunny Youth. You know, it’s sort of looks like a sunflower and it’s hanging in a nursery for very young people? Oh well.

08-07-18_1-43-17 PM

Some houseupgrade. Not much, but a little. We added a front door I think and some windows and tried to close in the room at the top left. Then the money ran sort of out again…. it will take a while, but we’ll get there one day.

08-07-18_1-46-02 PM08-07-18_1-47-13 PM

Another day, another taking care of things. Ruby is calling that lady from last update, still don’t know her name, after she took care of the garden and now to take care of her social. I finally noticed that Trevor needed the athletic skill for a promotion and we had enough money to buy one of these that Trevor is using. And he already looks dead tired of working out… haha. Oh Trevor, you need to work out more sadly for promotion.

08-07-18_1-48-44 PM

Bambi always seem to need something, but I have had worse babies. She’s not the worst and isn’t crying all the time…. just some times that it feels like forever.

08-07-18_1-52-41 PM

Finally enough money to add more doors and close the room top left! That’s going to be the parents bedroom. Then down is a bathroom and the unfinished hallway. To the top right we have an unfinished bathroom, unfinished livingroom and then the future kitchen/eating area. They have access to all rooms at least. Now we just need to finish them and start decorating.

08-07-18_1-53-46 PM

Another hour, another time Bambi needs someone to take care of her. It never stops really. Is this how babies are in real life? Hmm….

08-07-18_1-55-31 PM

As soon as Trevor got home, we had him go and fix the toilet since it broke. And he needs those parts to upgrade things, as well as the skill itself.

08-07-18_1-56-42 PM08-07-18_1-59-24 PM

More skilling for Trevor, both for aspiration and work. I love the difference between these pictures. He’s not so happy working out, but put him in front of the chess table and he’s happy as a goose! Or something…. Well I know what kind of person that Trevor is…

08-07-18_2-05-19 PM

More money and some more houseupgrade. This time we’re working on the hallway some and also adding some lightning to the house, with a small addition of windows too.

08-07-18_2-08-37 PM08-07-18_2-08-52 PM08-07-18_2-09-06 PM

Not a day goes by without one of them seeming to roll something for the other. Today it was Ruby that wanted to kiss her husband. Then they just held hands on their own… oh so cute. And I love Trevor’s face in the last picture here… he knows what’s is going down soon. Because Bambi is having her birthday soon (got a pop-up) so I thought it was time to make another baby. And I also noticed how thin I made Ruby compared to Trevor… and that I did give Trevor a small booty… oh my haha.

08-07-18_2-09-53 PM

To the tent! And some woohoo for them. They did it like… two or three times, just to make sure that she’s getting pregnant. We’ll take a pregnancy test shortly.

08-07-18_2-11-41 PM08-07-18_2-26-08 PM

Trevor skilling and making money, as well as showing off his clumsy trait. I missed it so just got that picture when he dropped the dish. Oh clumsy sims… you never stop being relatable to me…. never.

08-07-18_2-27-09 PM

And Ruby is pregnant! Wonderful. I wonder how the father will take to the news about this pregnancy?

08-07-18_2-27-21 PM08-07-18_2-27-31 PM

The reaction is just as the same like the first; first quite unsure and worried, then the happiness comes and the joy of parenthood for him. No surprise there.

08-07-18_2-27-53 PM

I think Trevor got so excited that he hurt himself while working on the woodworking table. Good work there Trevor! If you get amnesia or anything, I’ll punch you through the screen because of madness.

08-07-18_2-28-47 PM

Thankfully Trevor remembered his mission and went to upgrade the toilet to have superior flush. Better than nothing really. And it was here to that we got a notification that it was Bambi’s birthday, so off to age up the kid to a toddler!

08-07-18_2-30-17 PM08-07-18_2-30-36 PM

Oh my…. look at that cutie. You got everything from mommy, didn’t you Bambi? But cute neither less really. And what trait did little Bambi roll?

08-07-18_2-30-49 PM

I must say that the picture sort of fits for Bambi’s new trait. Using the randomizer to determine the trait, it rolled…. Clingy. So the first toddler is a clingy little girl. Fitting that Ruby didn’t put her down right away too.

08-07-18_2-32-26 PM

We added some things to the nursery so that Bambi can be entertained and skill. We’re going to see how she grows up. Note is that I’m not playing to get points, that’s not my focus. My focus is to do this challenge my way and have fun trying to complete it. Just a note for you guys out there.

08-07-18_2-33-45 PM08-07-18_2-33-58 PM

Both Bambi and Ruby was in quite the good mood, so I decided that Ruby should begin to teach Bambi to talk. At first she wasn’t to happy being put down, but then she seemed to like learning. That’s what I thought….

08-07-18_2-34-57 PM08-07-18_2-35-07 PM08-07-18_2-35-43 PM08-07-18_2-37-59 PM

I bought a big dog for Bambi and when I got back, I noticed that she was pissed. An angry toddler, because she got tired of words. Then she was tired, so I had Ruby read her a bedtime story… which made Bambi’s imagination go to level 2 like… so fast. I have no idea what happened there. I think it was a small glitch, strangely. Oh well, hopefully it won’t happen again, otherwise I might take away a level if it happens again. It feels sort of… cheaty in a way. We’ll see in the future.

08-07-18_2-38-46 PM

And the glitches didn’t stop there either. See Trevor? He’s sad and for the stupidest reason. I wish I had a picture to show, but I’ll make sure to take one next time I’m in the game. He’s sad because he haven’t socialized for a good while with anyone. It’s not his family oriented trait that’s causing it. It’s because he’s a CHARMER…. a toddler trait. I admit that I aged him up from a toddler to an adult in CAS when making them, but didn’t think his toddler trait would stick around. I tried to remove it with cheats and even checked with mods, but nothing worked. So he’s stuck with it for now sadly. I have one final way to try to remove the moodlet, but I’ll try it when I’m in-game again. So for now, he’s sad Trevor sometimes. I’m going to try and keep him happy so we don’t have to see him sad… because it’s sad.

08-07-18_2-54-19 PM

But then he interacted with his daughter and was happy again. And I’m so glad that toddlers can just grab food and eat. It makes me happy really.

08-07-18_2-54-43 PM

And here Ruby painted her first masterpiece! It wasn’t worth a whole lot, but I was happy. It means that the quality is getting better and better, which means more money from selling paintings. I think she’s already almost level 7-8 of the painting skill. Again, I’ll make sure to take a picture next time of their current skills and their level when I play with them again.

08-07-18_2-56-08 PM08-07-18_2-57-19 PM08-07-18_2-58-07 PM

Some Bambi spam! She’s quite cute after her makeover. I like how it turned out really with her makeover. And here we see her increasing her thinking skill, getting a bath from daddy and then she wished for daddy Trevor to show some flashcards. And that he did, so she’s learning. At the moment she have communication and imagination skill to level 2 and the rest is level 1, pretty sure. Her movement is getting soon to level 2.

08-07-18_2-58-31 PM

And Ruby just entered her second trimester! Yay! It looks quite small, so I’m guessing that perhaps she only have one in there… again. Oh well it’s okay really. Taking it easy and slow you know. Perhaps one day we’ll get natural twins… or triplets… oh boy. when that day comes… then hell comes as well probably.

08-07-18_2-59-46 PM08-07-18_2-59-57 PM

Trevor decided to be a heartless bastard all of a sudden! Bambi wanted to hug him, but he refused to get hugged! You’re breaking Bambi’s heart Trevor! Look at that sad little toddler!!! It’s breaking my heart too!!

Bambi: Dada no low me….

Oh Bambi… *Really wants to hug Bambi*

08-07-18_3-00-23 PM

Punishment was to take Bambi to the potty, because we need to train her to use it herself and because he’s still up. I don’t care that you have work tomorrow and need sleep… this is your punishment for making her sad. Even if he seem to enjoy it….

08-07-18_3-01-23 PM08-07-18_3-05-51 PM

And it was at this point I decided to try to finish the nursery. It’s not complete yet, because I want to save some money. But I do like how it turned out for now. Something about the whole yellow scheme is soothing for me at the moment. And it was fun to decorate! I love decorating rooms and such… so much fun.

08-07-18_3-06-40 PM

We end the third update with Bambi playing with her blocks and training her movement skill some more. Next time: Probably a birthday again of some sort, more upgrades around the house and most likely a birth of the second child! I can’t wait to see what the kids will look like. But until then as usual, have a good day/night and thank you for reading. We’ll meet again in the next update!


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