4: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Once more, welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge! Last time we had Bambi become a toddler and also Ruby was expecting a child once more. Trevor got some promotions and more skilling/moneymaking and some upgrades to the house. That’s it so settle in, maybe grab a drink and let us go back to the Huntley’s!

Sidenote again! My screenshot taker decided to stop working again, but I did managed to get some screenshots, which will be show in this update. However, not all important and fun screenshots was documented… damn that thing! But for next update, I’ll have it fixed since my S.O was kind enough to help me find a new program and how it was used. Bless him for helping me! And that was that quick sidenote, so let’s go back in!

08-08-18_1-59-43 PM

Back at the Huntley house, everyone is sleeping for now. That’s nice for the moment. What will happen this time? Well let me tell you… things will happen. That’s all I know at this moment at least. But let us speed things up and let everyone wake up.

08-08-18_2-04-02 PM

And the first thing I notice is that the sink is broken once more. Wonderful. Gotta have Trevor fix that again. Oh well, it helps his skilling. Speaking of skills, I should show the current skills of the family.


Here we have the current skills at the moment for the family. As you can see Bambi have just started out sort of, while her parents have gotten some skill points. Ruby is almost maxed with the painting skill. I should have Trevor begin to paint too, so that he can make portraits as well. We need them for one of the mini-challenges so…

08-08-18_2-04-22 PM

But before anything of that sort, or fixing the sink as well, Trevor shows that he really, REALLY needs the bathroom. Oh Trevor… you’re so cute. And I love the faces he tends to pull; I can promise you’ll see more of his funny faces before this update is over. At least I have a good laugh looking at the pictures of him.

08-08-18_2-09-34 PM

One by one the family awakes and Ruby shows of her belly as well as her little waddlewalk. So cute. But she’s not as big as before it feels like… Might be wrong, but who knows.

08-08-18_2-11-28 PM

And Bambi wakes up because of a nightmare, despite having a nightlight… hmm… oh well, mommy or daddy can cheer her up.

08-08-18_2-11-40 PM

Here we have Trevor calling a sadness hotline, because his stupid glitched moodlet.


This is so strange, see? I tried a lot of things to remove it, but it didn’t work. And it took me a good while to also find the solution, but I do eventually. So you have to endure sad Trevor for a little while. The fix was to download a mod, so that it activated cheats that had been deactivated…. feels good to have to download mods just to fix a little glitch too…

08-08-18_2-12-36 PM08-08-18_2-12-42 PM

I noticed while Trevor told a story to his daughter (that’s behind Ruby if you can see) and saw this mess. Really? I think Trevor need some help. It’s probably a small mesh error either from the clothes or something else. It’s strange… and I just noticed that it’s on both hands… huh. Ruby seem concerned too. We can endure it and hope it get’s fixed, but I gotta take a note to report it later so it can get fixed, otherwise it might never happen. But first I have to figure out what is causing that glitch too…

08-08-18_2-14-41 PM

After breakfast little Bambi decided to go and talk to her father, or rather… babble with him since she’s haven’t high enough communication yet for it to be talking. It’s cute… I love the toddlers in the game.


And here’s the parents current aspirations. As you can see, both of them is at tier three, but Trevor will probably be there longer than Ruby…. since they need to get some more money and I want to focus on finish building their house, before I buy a rocket. Besides, if he can get high enough in the astronaut career… we get a free rocket! So that’s something really. If we can play the patient waiting game, which we probably can since we’re gonna have a lot of babies.

08-08-18_2-17-21 PM

And then for the first time in what have felt like forever, we got mail. The bills came and we had to pay I think 843 simoleons. At that time we had around 1663 simoleons, so we payed them right away to make sure that they weren’t forgotten. And the family is poor… again.

08-08-18_2-18-09 PM08-08-18_2-19-15 PM

Daddy Trevor is hard at work today. First he’s reading for his daughter so she can fall asleep, then he’s busy with the woodwork table, making something. I do believe that he’s making a mirror, but I could be wrong.

08-08-18_2-22-37 PM

Ruby wanted to ask how Trevor’s day had been, so she did.

Ruby: How’s your day sweetie? Everything all right?

Sad Trevor: *Sniffles* Nobody wants to talk to me…

*Facepalm* Trevor, she’s talking to you right now! That damn moodlet…

08-08-18_2-44-44 PM

Then he went to play some chess and look at that, he’s happy again for now! It might have been here or a little later that I managed to remove that moodlet. So far (as I have played) it haven’t returned. I cross my fingers that it remains that way.

08-08-18_2-44-53 PM

Ruby kept painting and making some paintings I have never seen before. That’s fun to see that there’s still so many things to explore and see in this game yet! And I’m just missing two packs too so. It’s interesting.

08-08-18_2-47-52 PM08-08-18_2-49-36 PM08-08-18_2-50-47 PM

I noticed shortly after the picture where Trevor is pottytraining Bambi, that she actually was level 2 of her pottyskill, so she can go herself! That will make some things easier. And then she was just cute; interacting with her stuffed dog, playing with some blocks and talking with her dad. And I also noticed that it only seem to be when he tells a story or talks with Bambi that his fingers glitches up… so it might be that animation that’s the problem with the mesh. Hmm….

08-08-18_2-51-33 PM08-08-18_2-52-23 PM08-08-18_2-52-30 PM

Ruby have entered her third trimester and her needs tank quite fast now. So fast that I didn’t notice until after she had eaten, that she really should have used the bathroom… So there you have it folks, the first fail of the challenge. I’m not so proud really, but it would happen sooner or later.

Ruby: Oh this stinks.

08-08-18_2-53-12 PM

Ruby got very embarrassed about the whole situation so I had her quickly retreat to the tent to hide for a while. Then her creative side came to the rescue. There was a chance that she would die you know, so… yeah didn’t want that to happen. But for now she’s fine.

08-08-18_2-53-42 PM08-08-18_2-54-17 PM

Ah Bambi… she’s cute. Despite being clingy, even if I don’t find her that clingy yet. She’s okay… despite the fact that she cries and get either sad/angry over things. The upper picture is her crying, because she’s all dolled out with the dollhouse. Didn’t know that could happen, since it’s the first time I experience it. And then I just had to take a pic of her on the potty. Look at that cutie.

08-08-18_2-56-41 PM

Again, one of them always roll some want for the other, mostly it’s Ruby, and this time it was to embrace the other partner. So cute. I do belive that their friendship have gotten up so that their status is soulmates. It’s cute, so cute. Like they now after some time, realising that they couldn’t live without the other or something. Yes, I adore these two. What gave that away? 😉 But now, for some Bambi and Trevor spam of them playing!

08-08-18_2-59-47 PM08-08-18_3-00-23 PM08-08-18_3-00-34 PM08-08-18_3-00-46 PM08-08-18_3-00-49 PM08-08-18_3-01-00 PM

Oh I will never get tired of that animation cycle. It’s so adorable and just… perfect. And the sounds too! Oh… If I could, I would spam that interaction all day long and just watch. But end of the cute little spam of Bambi and Trevor playing. Back to regularity. And Trevor went to work after this too. And between him going to work and coming back home, nothing special really happened… so yeah.

08-08-18_3-04-15 PM

… I’m dying… that face, that beautiful face!! Haha!! *Dies again* Oh… I love it mostly because he got a promotion here too! I guess you could guess it, since he have new clothes too. So he’s no longer a Technician, but instead the Command Center Lead! Slow and steady he climbs the ranks. I think he’s level 4 now, so just four more promotions until we can choose a branch for Trevor! Yay!! He’s also quite cute here too with that little babyface of his… oh Trevor, never change.

08-08-18_3-04-53 PM

It also seem to be in style with Trevor coming home from work that Ruby seem to go into labor. It was just an hour or two after Trevor got home, that the pop-up came! So it’s time to go to the hospital and greet our new kid!

08-08-18_3-05-59 PM

Obligatory parent freakout photo! This time the doctor wasn’t ready to do it right away, so we stood outside a short second, before going to check Ruby in.

08-08-18_3-06-12 PM

A nice older gent decided to sign Ruby in and then we just waited a short second again, this hospital is really efficient, before the doctor was ready to deliver the baby/babies.

08-08-18_3-07-15 PM

I love the difference here. Doctor Marcus, calmly striding to the delivery room while Trevor, the freaked out father is running like a maniac with a smile on his face. I do wonder what is going through their minds at this moment. This picture is gold, seriously.

08-08-18_3-07-50 PM08-08-18_3-09-18 PM

A little while later, Marcus the doctor is a professional and delivers the baby without any problems. Yes, it’s only one baby this time as well. I never seem to be lucky with multiplies when playing… hmm… oh well, it’s better than nothing and I’m sure there’s going to be at least one pair of twins or triplets sooner or later.

08-08-18_3-09-27 PM

This time we got a little boy! Please welcome Bolin into the household and the world. Yes, Bolin. I’m sort of sticking with the whole theme of cartoon characters at the moment. So the character Bolin is from Avatar: Legend of Korra. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but I did watch Avatar: The last Airbender and boy…. that’s a good show. Recommended to watch if someone reading this haven’t seen it…. and now I want to watch it again.

08-08-18_3-09-47 PM

Ruby isn’t glitched either this time, but retunred to her former bodyform. She looks quite happy with this little bundle of joy. Just 22 more kids to go!

08-08-18_3-10-14 PM

Trevor is quite happy to have a son, despite him here running home in pre-parental panic…. oh stop with your faces Trevor! I can’t take much more of it. He’s hilarious…

08-08-18_3-11-25 PM

Back home Bambi meet her sibling Bolin and seemed quite pleased to have a sibling. She even got a good moodlet from meeting him. That’s good, considering she’s a clingy toddler and I thought she would react bad to him. I’m happy that’s not the case.

08-08-18_3-12-18 PM

The parents had to take care of their needs as well, so they sat down to a good homemade meal. And Ruby seem to know what plan I have after they’re done here. I think we need to make another baby, since this challenge is all about that you know. And they’re not getting any younger. Trevor have around 16 days until adult and Ruby have 21 days. Better get to work I say!

08-08-18_3-12-46 PM

And Bolin was sleeping when they got back home, so I thought everything was fine. I was wrong. As soon as the parents decided to make other baby, I got a popup that he was hungry and that we needed to take care of it. So you’re going to be one of those babies, ey Bolin? I better keep my watch up…

08-08-18_3-13-23 PM

But of course, I’m sure that Bolin can survive just a little longer. We need another baby first!

08-08-18_3-13-51 PM

And after they took care of buisness, Ruby went and took care of baby Bolin. And this is also where we end this update for now. Next time; I hope for some more babies, perhaps a birthday and more upgrades around the house. Maybe even more than that, but we’ll see since this is as far as I have played at the moment. So until next time, take care and once again thank you for reading!


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