5: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge! Last time the birth of the first boy, Bolin happened and some skilling, with a promotion on the side. We also began to work on baby number three and this time we’ll see if we succeeded or not with that. Not much happened beside that to be honest… So let’s begin this update without further delay!

08-09-18_1-06-19 PM08-09-18_1-07-59 PM

We come back to the parents working hard… or at least one of them. Ruby is caring for the small garden, selling the produces that they have grown, while Trevor is working on his athletic skill to get a promotion. Oh he looks just like his dad when he trains too… the similarities are uncanny. Trevor, you’re sure you’re not a lazy sim? And I just noticed that it looks like he have big bags under his eyes, so he looks so freaking tired. Amazing.

08-09-18_1-08-20 PM

Trevor might be a little quirky, but he’s a sweetheart when he wants to. And quite handsome. Just like when he’s tucking in his little Bambi girl. Father of the year people… and he’s going to be a father of 24 children in the end too so.

08-09-18_1-08-52 PM

Ah look at that confetti. I guess that means that we’re having another bun in the oven. Better go tell daddio about this Ruby! Even if she doesn’t look all that pleased over the fact that she’s pregnant at the moment. But I’m sure that will change.

08-09-18_1-09-13 PM

He was glad…. after the initial chock and sadness that they’re still not in a financial spot for more children and still have to complete the house… he was still happy about the prospect of being a father of three.. or four… or five… or maybe even 24 children. One day people, that will happen…. one day, someday in the future.

08-09-18_1-10-32 PM

I think I just took this picture because of Bolin stinking, making him scream, which woke Bambi up from her sleep…. and she was tired, so she became a little grumpy. Thanks Bolin.

08-09-18_1-11-55 PM

Why did I take this? Might be because I’m such a sucker for Trevor and his behavior/looks?… maybe. I like him. But I still like my Harveyboo more (Aka, my profilepicture and the little pic for this blog… that’s my Harvey).

08-09-18_1-12-56 PM

Why is it so hard to not take to many pictures of toddlers in this game? I don’t know. They really made them so cute that’s it impossible not to.

08-09-18_1-15-00 PM

Bambi is skill some more. Her birthday is fast approaching and I want to get her skills up some. I’ll make sure to show her toddler skills on her birthday and what she had managed to get. Probably will try to do that with all the toddlers later on. We’ll see how it goes in the end.

08-09-18_1-19-18 PM

Trevor came home from work, without a promotion. But probably because his bosses screamed at him. It was a workcard about launching the spaceship, but the things in the shuttle is acting up and blinking. So you can either cancel or keep going. We stopped the launch; no happy bosses but happy astronauts. He got tense because of that. And he also stinks, so go take care of yourself Trevor. And that lightning is doing… wonders for his face… maybe.

08-09-18_1-25-21 PM

Second trimester!! She’s getting there! I think it is her second at least. Might be wrong. But quite sure about it, so probably just one baby in there… again… hmm. Fertility treatment is indeed in the future for these two, so that we can get more kids faster and finish the challenge.

08-09-18_1-26-02 PM

Why did I take this picture? Oh well, you know last update when I said that Bolin would be one of those babies? Those that rarely make any sounds to signal hunger? Yeah… He was one of those. I didn’t get the popup about him being hungry once… neither twice… I got it thrice… three times. I probably would have gotten it four times or more if babies hadn’t been just two days in that stage. Dammit Bolin, I hope you make up for this somehow later…

08-09-18_1-27-48 PM08-09-18_1-28-42 PM

Some father and daughter bounding. Also just a note to the picture up there. It’s the same animation when he tells a story and I thought that was the issue with his hands (They got weirdly glitchy) but I noticed that it didn’t happen there… so that makes me think that it’s simply the shirt that’s the problem. I’m not completely sure about it yet, but I’m going to check it out in another savefile if I have the time. It’s not gamebreaking, but can be annoying, since it’s such a nice shirt!! But we’ll see. Thank you for enduring my rambles.

08-09-18_1-40-18 PM

Guys! We have a whole house! Or at least a complete first floor with walls! I’m still working on decorating and still have the parents bedroom, another bathroom and the livingroom plus kitchen to fix, with a little in the hallway too. Then adding some more windows and fix the second floor too. But look at this progress! It’s even more than in my Alphabetcy… and both parents work there and have this lot too! It’s amazing what a difference it can be.

08-09-18_1-40-25 PM

As you can see, we’re going to have a second floor and a basement. The basement will purely be first and most for the collections we find, then also probably a room for the laundry. Maybe some bedrooms/activityrooms. Maybe even a sauna… I don’t know, we’ll see. Maybe I even change the whole layout of the house! I have a tendency (like many other people out there) to not be happy with the first draft, so I redo and make it better. So far I think it’s okay… we’ll see when the house is completely done. Then I’ll probably upload it to the gallery as well! Oh! I have updated so you can find my ID on the baby boomer page on this blog too! Neat!

08-09-18_1-42-28 PM

And look at this too! The parents finally have their own bed! And Ruby decided to try it out too with a nap. Mommy is tired and it is to be expected in a challenge like this too. We’re going to have a full house sooner or later as well so.

08-09-18_1-46-35 PM

The parents, or rather Ruby, had a need to get some attention so they wanted some casual woohoo. Why not to relieve some stress and have some fun? (I think it’s her hormones too…) I do think as well they need it with soon two toddlers and an infant in the house. Yes, it’s actually Bolin’s birthday!

08-09-18_1-53-42 PM

… Oh… my… he’s adorable…. he’s so cute. HE’S FREAKING SO ADORABLE CUTE!!! *Can’t function properly* Oh my… Bolin made up for it guys! Look at that cutie!!!

08-09-18_1-54-02 PM08-09-18_1-54-06 PM

Look at that little guy… he’s so cute. Aww… they’re think he’s going to fall, but he won’t do that! Dear god… help me with this cuteness….

Oh wait… I forgot almost his trait. Bolin rolled, with the trait randomizer… Fussy. He’s a fuzzy toddler and his big sister is a clingy toddler… oh boy. I do hope he will rarely show it like his big sister. Bambi have never done that really yet so, fingers crossed!

08-09-18_1-55-29 PM

But the siblings bounded some with each other and it was just cute to see them do it. Bambi is probably explaining things to him, the best toys and how to get attention and such. So cute.

08-09-18_1-58-00 PM08-09-18_1-58-09 PM

… What the hell Trevor? He’s angry somehow and smashing the doll on the floor… what the heck? Anger issues? Parental issues? Is Trevor freaking Bi-polar or something? I don’t get that man… At least Bolin isn’t bothered with his little “anger issue”. Thank god. The last thing we need in this challenge is one of the kids needing some therapy.

08-09-18_1-58-44 PM

I heard something and went to check. Turns out that Bambi found the bookshelf and decided to play in it. How she could reach… I’ll never know really.

08-09-18_2-03-53 PM08-09-18_2-04-39 PM

The kids are sleeping and cute. And I also spot that Ruby is in her third trimester! So we soon have another baby in the house! Yay!

08-09-18_2-06-29 PM08-09-18_2-08-14 PM

Some Ruby spam (even if small). Cooking some future meals for the family, so they just can grab and then spending time with Bolin so that he learns to go to the potty by himself.

08-09-18_2-09-29 PM

And then Trevor is home from work and by the looks on his disappointed face, I would say that he got another promotion! (He did) So our Trevor have gone from being the Command Center Lead to become the Low-Orbit Specialist! Woah!! He’s getting there someday. He’s level 5 in his career, so three more promotions and we can get a spaceship!! Amazing!! If only he would look more happy being promoted.. but he’s tired so… that makes sense that he just wants to got to bed.

08-09-18_2-11-25 PM08-09-18_2-12-23 PM

Bambi can still be a cutie and win my heart from time to time. It was cute when she was given a bath with her duck, but even more cute when I managed to catch her hugging her mommy. Oh look at that…. so cute. If I don’t die from all the toddler cuteness going on here, I’m going to be surprised.

08-09-18_2-13-27 PM08-09-18_2-13-50 PM

Look at that… our first toddler mess. Of course I had Ruby go and express her disappointment… which made Bolin throw a small fit and their relationship go down slowly. Meh… toddlers… getting angry over many little things. That’s little kids for you!

08-09-18_2-18-43 PM

Trevor was working out for his career and shortly after he was done… this happened.


It is time to meet the new addition to the family people! I’m so excited! Let’s go to the hospital for round three!

08-09-18_2-21-55 PM

Trevor: My wife is giving birth! Do something doctor!! *Hyperventilates and panics*

Ruby: Trevor… we have done this two times before. Do not worry honey.

Marcus: Why is it always my shift when these people come around?

08-09-18_2-23-30 PM

Ruby: He is making that face again, is he not? Oh dear… I do love him, but he can be… strange sometimes.

Trevor: *I don’t even know what the heck is going on with him and it looks like he’s sneaking up on Ruby*

I love his expressions… or just the fact that I managed to pause the game at the right times to get amazing facial expressions on him… oh Trevor, never change.

08-09-18_2-24-43 PM08-09-18_2-24-51 PM

A little while later, we welcome the second girl into the household! This time, I’m going classy and oldschool a little with the name. Welcome Belle Huntley to the world! How could I not take the name of the main character from beauty and the beast? It’s impossible for me to do that. But that was it… just one little girl. This is going to take a while indeed to get 24 children and 12 of each gender too… but if this keeps up, we’re probably going to be quite even the whole challenge with the genders. That’s nice I guess.

08-09-18_2-25-13 PM08-09-18_2-25-38 PM

Some quick snuggle with Belle before we go home… and of course Trevor is out of the hospital before his wife even have begun to start walking from the delivery room. Good work there Trevor.

Trevor: Babies… *Twitches* So many babies…

08-09-18_2-26-45 PM

We end this update with Trevor caring for Belle and seeing that the other children seem to approve of their new sibling (they did, both was happy about the new addition). It’s just so cute to see them like this. I can’t wait for more children and to see how they’ll look like when they grow up! But next time; birthdays of course! And hopefully another baby and more upgrades to the house. We’ll see what happens then. Until then, take care and thanks once more for reading this! Bye, bye!


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