6: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge! Last time Trevor got some promotion, Belle the third kid of the challenge was born and the other kids learnt things and grew a little. And that’s about it I can say from my memory at this point. So instead of more rambling, let us get back into this challenge.As you can see, I also updated the titlecard. I felt I wanted it more to reflect the progress we’re making on the house too so… it’s nice to have some difference and not the same all the time. But okay enough of my rambles guys.

This is also a little longer update, because a lot of things happen! So let’s get into it!

08-10-18_11-22-26 AM

We come back to Trevor cuddling a little with Belle and making sure that she’s fine, while his two toddlers in the background are either eating or playing. It’s not stressful at the moment at least… so that’s something.

08-10-18_11-22-34 AM

Bolin also got a makeover and boy he’s a cutie. Look at that adorable little pumpkin. I can’t get over his cuteness and I’m so looking forward to see him older.

08-10-18_11-23-19 AM08-10-18_11-25-02 AM

And his cuteness keeps going when both parents give him some attention, in form of talking to him and reading to him. Boy that boy is spoiled… but he’s also fussy so… he’s probably going to be a nightmare sooner or later. They tend to become a nightmare the fussy kids.

08-10-18_11-25-42 AM

Trevor is making some progress on his athletic skill! He’s no longer looking like he wants to pass out or stop training! Progress indeed. I think he reached lvl 4 soon after this photo and he needs it to get a promotion too so.

08-10-18_11-29-37 AM

And from time to time, the parents managed to find some time with each other and being cute. Like oh ma gaaaaaaaad so cute they can be.

08-10-18_11-36-42 AM08-10-18_11-40-01 AM

It was highly time to start with the portraits of the parents I thought. So we began with the easiest one, which was Trevor’s portrait. And I must say that I really like his portrait. It’s so much him and managed to capture his charm as well. Oh he makes me proud. Now it’s just Ruby’s portrait we need and after that it’s time to start with the kids portraits… which is still a while to go, since I need to do them when they are young adults.

08-10-18_11-43-25 AM

I came at a bad time I guess… the parents need to try for more babies. At this point I decided to give Ruby the fertile trait too, hoping that perhaps we could get some twins or so. Speed it up a little. We’ll see.


Here you can see that I bought the fertile trait for Ruby and spent her points for a good cause. It’s a good cause when we need babies in the household you know. So as I said, well see if we get lucky or not.

08-10-18_11-45-40 AM08-10-18_11-45-58 AM

Trevor made the heart decorations, so I hung them in the nursery since I thought it would look nice (I did recolor them though) and the other picture is to show that I caved in and we did have good enough money, so I bought a pad for the toddlers, to help with eventual skilling. So that’s that.

08-10-18_11-47-11 AM

A pregnancy test and some confetti later, we have another pregnancy! That means more kids soon as well. And yes, Ruby is sick at the moment, but that will pass in a while. I think.

08-10-18_11-47-32 AM

Obligatory mother-tell-father-about-new-addition-to-the-family photo commence! He wasn’t trilled at first (as all fathers tend to be), but then he came around. Or he just noticed that his wife is sick and wondering what the heck is wrong with her health. Maybe concern for his future kid. I don’t know.

08-10-18_11-50-08 AM

The two toddlers talking to each other from miles away and seeming to understand each other. Cute, if it wasn’t for the disgusting potty that’s there. I have to remember to make either Trevor or Ruby clean it soon.

08-10-18_11-51-50 AM

Bolin being cute while getting a bath. Such a cute child… and so hard to understand that he’s fussy too. I have get to see him do a little more of his fussing side.

Note: I do have seen it. Sometimes he would sit on the bed and wave his small hand, beckoning for Trevor to come and pick him up. But Trevor couldn’t do that, since something was in the way… and that cycle repeated some few times. It was annoying and Bolin refused to leave the bed. So I resetted him, otherwise he would have been taken away since he really didn’t want to leave the bed. Annoying… very annoying.

08-10-18_11-57-31 AM08-10-18_12-01-30 PM08-10-18_12-04-22 PM

The kitchen/eating area got a much-needed upgrade with the money we could spare, but it’s far from done. At the same time, I had Ruby make a cake for Bambi, since her birthday is today! But I’m going to try to squeeze in some skilling for her to see if we can get some more skills up before she needs to get to the cake.

08-10-18_12-04-47 PM

Bambi needed to get her imagination up some and movement, however we didn’t managed to snag other level on her toddler skills, but I’m not sad. She did pretty well for herself. This is her skills before she aged up:


She did managed to get two of her skills to the maximum, for which I’m quite proud of her. It was enough for her to get the trait “happy toddler” so that’s something.

08-10-18_12-11-25 PM

Ruby’s go to thing while being pregnant seem to be a glass of milk. I think it’s adorable in a way, but at the same time… why? Is it really that tasty for you Ruby? Oh well, it doesn’t hurt her, so it’s okay and better than nothing I guess. I think it helps her hunger a little to so… I can deal with it.

08-10-18_12-12-42 PM

And Bolin happened to become angry, because I forgot that he was on the pad… so his mood dropped. And of course he had to smash the dollhouse because of that… which made be just a bit angry at him. So I had one of the parents go and parent him, showing their disappointment of his behavior. We’ll see if it works. Then Trevor went and fixed the dollhouse, because Bambi wouldn’t stop crying over the fact that it was destroyed.

08-10-18_12-16-45 PM08-10-18_12-18-39 PM

And Bambi’s birthday rolled around properly and she was grown into the first child of this challenge! She looks… interesting before her makeover. You’ll see it in a few pictures, because it took a little while to do it (with a moody toddler it’s not easy to focus on things) and because we didn’t have enough money to build a room for her… she’s currently sharing room with her parents. One day you’ll have your own room Bambi, don’t worry.

Anyhow, Bambi rolled the trait Vegetarian (this will be interesting to see if we can keep her from eating meat) and got the aspiration Social Butterfly with the randomizer. I have done this before with that aspiration, but that was on a savefile when I took it more easy. We’ll see if we can complete it or not. I’m not stressed about it at least.

08-10-18_12-20-03 PM

The house is slowly expanding… very slow. The funds ran out before I could build more than this and the bills are starting to get higher (We did get another bill… which was around 1800 something and that was after the renovations. Thankfully Ruby and Trevor had managed to earn some money so we could pay it.) so yeah…. but we have one bathroom there and more bedrooms are in the planning. Once we have money.

08-10-18_12-21-21 PM08-10-18_12-22-27 PM

Bolin is a very angry and fussy toddler now. Ruby I think asked if he wanted a bath… he said no. Or a change of diaper… I can’t remember, but I do remember that he was angry and got more angry when he said no. Ruby got frustrated and I felt her frustration… toddlers. But then we had Trevor cuddling little Belle, so that’s something. It was cute so that made me calm down a little and try to endure the remaining days Bolin has as a toddler. It’s not much longer. But it’s neither the end of toddlers either so…

08-10-18_12-23-44 PM

Second trimester for Ruby! She don’t have that big of a belly (or it’s because she’s kind of skinny as a person and thin). Hm… I have no idea if we’re going to have multiplies or not, but that’s something we’ll have to see I guess.

08-10-18_12-31-45 PM08-10-18_12-32-01 PM

Trevor played dolls with Bambi again, this time she’s a child, but he’s behaving. Last time he… well he got all angry and banged the doll on the floor. So no trauma for Bambi this time! Good Trevor. *Pats him on head*

08-10-18_12-33-12 PM08-10-18_12-33-24 PM

And here we have a slightly better view of Bambi. She’s cute and I do like her in orange or yellow. Probably will have her dress more in yellow than any other color; it fits her. I’m excited to see what she’ll look like as a teen, since that’s basically how they will look the rest of their lives. But I can see both mom and dad in her, so that’s nice.

08-10-18_12-34-23 PM

Then I made her make her homework, despite her just growing up. But it’s better to be there early and make sure she’s good. Mostly because I didn’t see anything about not controlling the whole family, so… I’m controlling as much as a I right now. Perhaps I lighten the grip later… who knows.

08-10-18_12-38-28 PM

Ruby’s aspiration had one goal left to complete before she was finished with that tier, which is admiring or view three different paintings in a museum. So while Trevor was at work, the toddler sleeping I think and Bambi at school (I think she went to school, might be wrong) I made sure she completed it. So now she’s at the final tier of her aspiration; get to level 10 of the painting skill and paint 5 masterpieces. That’s the last thing before she have completed the first aspiration and can go work on another one! Amazing.

08-10-18_12-43-22 PM

Back home again and Bambi came to mommy to ask her for advice! Bambi asked her mother what she should do, since she wanted to be a ninja when she grew up. Ruby could choose either get a ninja outfit or practicing her hiding. We picked the outfit of course, since I think that was the best effect (I think) from the advice.

08-10-18_12-46-10 PM

Bolin is at it again and I had Ruby quit her painting and go and take care of this. I can’t believe the menace that Bolin is becoming at the moment. At least he’s soon a child, which will make it slightly easier to take care of him (I hope).

08-10-18_12-47-53 PM08-10-18_12-49-05 PM

Bambi had brought home a project from school (on her first day, talk about ambitions!) so when Trevor came home, I had him and Bambi work together on it carefully. That’s the result and I’m quite happy with it I must say. After that it was bedtime for both of them, since their energy got quite low working on that project.

08-10-18_12-51-12 PM

But of course it didn’t take long until the monster under the bed made its first appearance and woke up Bambi…. oh dear. At least she didn’t wake her parents up, but she had to be up for a while before she could go to bed again. Note to self: Get a nightlight if I haven’t already for Bambi’s bed.

08-10-18_12-55-28 PM

Ruby have finally entered her third trimester and that means that we’re soon having more kids around the house! It’s going quite fast and I think actually at this point (or soon), Trevor have like 10 days until an adult. So he needs to take a potion of youth soon, while Ruby have 21 days (I think) before she’s an adult. So she can wait with taking a potion for a while.

08-10-18_3-04-45 PM08-10-18_3-05-26 PM

And I totally missed/forgot that it was Belle’s birthday too…. oh so sorry Belle! But in one way I was glad that I did miss it; I have never seen the animation for when a parent don’t age them up. It was interesting to watch and cute. But look at that little girl, so cute. She got a lot of her father in her at the moment, but we’ll see as she grow up. Anyhow, Belle rolled Inqusitive from the randomizer. I’m happy with that trait, mostly because I’m already tired of the fussy and clingy trait… or most the fussy trait. That saved some of my sanity here. And Belle’s first order of business as a toddler?

08-10-18_3-11-52 PM

Go out to mommy of course and babble with her as she care for the small garden! That’s adorable. And yes, she got her makeover quite fast, but don’t worry. You’ll get a better view of her sooner. I mostly just changed her hair and removed some socks. Otherwise I left her as she aged up, because that’s an adorable outfit. And she’s adorable, like really.

08-10-18_3-13-20 PM

And Bolin decided to wake up his daddy… which was annoying, but I guess it can work for now. Bolin needs a bath and Trevor have a decent amount of energy for now so…

08-10-18_3-14-57 PM08-10-18_3-15-44 PM

Here’s a better picture of Belle as well. It was funny that Ruby decided to teach Belle to talk on her own, while Bolin walked by after his bath. Then they stopped, because Belle got tired of the words and decided to make a mess. Trevor came then and showed his disappointment, but after that Ruby came and gave Belle a hug. It was adorable… despite her having making more of a mess.

08-10-18_3-23-45 PM08-10-18_3-24-32 PM

Later than evening, Bambi went out to play some to get more fun. After a while I noticed that she only needed to meet two more people (apparently she had made a friend and meet 3 people already for her first tier of the social butterfly aspiration), so I sent her running after this kid and then later an adult, just so that she would meet the goals. She did and is now on the second tier. We’ll see if we ger further than that or not.

08-10-18_3-26-48 PM

Then I got a pop-up that Ruby was in labor! So it was time to meet the new addition to the family! I can’t wait, so it was time again to get going to the hospital! Let’s go!

08-10-18_3-28-57 PM

As per usual, Trevor is freaking out about the whole situation, while Ruby calmly walks into the hospital to deliver the baby or babies. Only time can tell what we have on our hands. After a second I sent Trevor packing into the hospital as well (He only stood there, doing nothing… weird).

08-10-18_3-29-30 PM

And then Trevor was tense… what is wrong now Trevor?

Trevor: Labor… stressed and tense… I don’t like this one.

08-10-18_3-32-39 PM

Oh dear god…. *Gets achivement full house and triplets*… oh no… take them back!!! I was not prepared for this!

And I just noticed Marcus. I don’t know, but it feels like he’s looking at this mess and like… “Well, glad this ain’t my kids!”

08-10-18_3-33-05 PM

I think that Trevor snapped as I have. Oh poor guy, full house.

Trevor: Triplets… *twitches*

He’s probably happy to, since he’s a family oriented sim, but at the same time… oh my… this is going to become a hell for a while.

08-10-18_3-35-08 PM

Back home it’s time to introduce the triplets! From left to right we have; Bagheera, named after the panther in the jungle book. Then the middle and only girl of the triplets is Betty, named mostly after Betty Boop, but I forgot the boop part so she’s just Betty. Then we have the other boy (yes, two boys and one girl, which makes us equal when it comes to boys and girls for the challenge; 6 children and 3 of each gender… only 18 more to go!) who’s called Basil, from the Great Mouse Detective, an older Disney movie about Basil the mouse, who’s basically Sherlock Holmes in mouseform. Good movie, despite having the only villain I still get the creeps from… *shudders*

But that’s the triplets! So now we have to wait until Bambi leaves the house, which will take a while, before we can move more children… unless I expand the limit for the households… but I don’t want to risk breaking the game or do anything stupid so that the file gets unplayable…. So I’m going to think about it for now. We’ll see.

08-10-18_3-35-45 PM

And right away the triplets show their needy side, so Trevor is getting on tripletduty! He had more energy than Ruby, so he starts. He’s lucky, since he’s the one working. Trevor is not going to be stuck in a house with three infants and two toddlers… oh poor Ruby.

It was also here that I noticed that Basil got his mother’s skin, while the other two got their fathers, pretty sure of that. Interesting. I can’t wait see how they look… even if they’ll give me a hell to keep the family alive probably. Oh boy.

08-10-18_3-36-09 PM08-10-18_3-36-43 PM

And then the kids came to greet the triplets. Bambi loved the fact that she got new siblings, but Belle… well she got sad. Bolin I think haven’t met them yet. He’s asleep I presume, so that’s why. But Belle is cute here, looking at her father and seeming to wonder what he’s holding. So cute… I love that trait, it have one of the more cuter animations I think.

08-10-18_3-38-56 PM

And this is where I leave you, with two infants screaming because of a dirty diaper and one infant sleeping… I can tell that this is going to be wonderful, but I will probably appreciate smaller households in the future if I survive this of course. Next time; we’re going to have birthdays, skilling and other things. Maybe upgrades to the house again, since we’re going to have some more money by then. It’s hard to tell, mostly because I haven’t played further at the moment, but it’s okay! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next update! Have a good day/night!


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