7: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back to the Huntley’s baby boom challenge! Last time, Bambi grew up to a child, Bolin was a really annoying child/toddler and Ruby gave birth to the terrible three triplets; Bagheera, Basil and Betty. So now the household is at its limit, meaning no more children until the oldest leaves the nest… and that might take a while, unless I raise the limit of sims in a household. We’ll see, but for now let us jump into this challenge once more and see what happens this time in the full house of the Huntley’s.

08-13-18_1-04-26 PM

We come back to the Huntley family and Bambi is playing with their stuffed dog, mostly since it also raise her social, which she needs for her aspiration (Social butterfly if you can’t remember)… which is going to be annoying, since it’s one of my least favorite aspirations in the game, but I’m not giving up! I’ll try to finish it before her birthday.

08-13-18_1-04-33 PM

Daddy Trevor is up and about, making sure that Bolin the little stinker is getting a bath. I am so not used to play this game in this pace and like this, since I do tend to use cheating a few times in my freeplay… but rest assure, there will be minimum cheating in this one! I can be quite stubborn when it comes to it, so bring it on! *Pumps fists*

08-13-18_1-04-40 PM

The terrible three triplets (Say that fast three times) are not in perfect synchronization, but that’s okay. They still like to cause mayhem around. For if not one of them is sleeping, the others are awake and one usually crying about something. You know… that’s how it can be. Or two are crying… it have been rarely when all of them cries. Strange.

08-13-18_1-04-49 PM

Mother Ruby is sleeping the birthing off at the moment. It’s so weird sometimes with going to the hospital. I have noticed that when Ruby gives birth, her mood is all full in everything, but as soon as they go home… boom, energy is almost all the way down.. So weird, but makes sense. I don’t know how close the hospital is and I can imagine that it takes energy to give birth to another human so. Yeah. A little weird, but could make sense.

08-13-18_1-05-14 PM08-13-18_1-06-25 PM

And then Trevor did give Bolin a proper bath, which was cute. Then they went out of the bathroom to hug each other…. I do say, my heart melted here. It’s just so cute to see an adult hug a toddler in this game, my my. Trevor is a wonderful father.

08-13-18_1-07-10 PM08-13-18_1-08-08 PM08-13-18_1-08-35 PM

But life goes on and food was needed (and promptly put in the fridge). Bambi did some homework before school… or is it weekend? I’m having a hard time remembering if it was or not… *goes to check screenshots* Yeah it was just before school was about to start. A Thursday neither less. Not information that’s necessary, but hey… info. And me in an attempt to get my word count up as well so… hehe.

08-13-18_1-10-25 PM

And babycaring for the triplets! Trevor cares for Basil while Ruby takes Bagheera… and Betty have to wait for a moment. The joy of triplets… you only have enough hands for one at a time, even with two parents so… not too much multitasking here.

It was also here I realized that if Trevor was still Mitchell Kalani’s kid (related you know), Mitchell would be a grandparent… woah. Just an interesting fact at the moment.

08-13-18_1-10-53 PM

Synchronized feeding of infants! One with a bottle and one… female counterpart of feeding babies with bottles. Oh so peaceful for now… but that can change any moment.

08-13-18_1-11-23 PM08-13-18_1-12-00 PM

The parents had some wishes for each other, you know the usual kissing and embracing… and the good old regular woohoo. Parents need that sometime. And I also took a look at Trevor’s lifebar… he have just over a week (I think) before his adult birthday. So soon it will be time for him to take the challenges first youth potion. Ruby have over twenty days before her birthday, so we can wait with her.

It was also here that I realized that aging is on for the whole world too, which made me realize that the kids will age and the parents stay young…. and then their kids die… I don’t like that. So I’ll probably turn off aging for everyone, except the active household. I can stand it for them to lose their kids before they go…. it feels wrong. Unless I make everyone a vampire, but that’s too much work… I think about it a little. Still have a long way to go before the kids starts to move out.

08-13-18_1-13-02 PM

Belle was very dirty and sad about it, so I had Ruby give Belle a bath. I hate to see toddlers sad (and it can be annoying too) so I want little Belle happy. Happy toddlers = less annoyance for everyone including me.

08-13-18_1-13-42 PM

Trevor was on triplet duty while Ruby took care of Belle’s needs. As you can see, Betty is not so happy at the moment and oh my god I can’t wait for them to grow up. But I do fear it too… then we have like… four toddlers in the house. That’s crazy but also an interesting challenge to take on for my part, since I have never really taken care of that many toddlers before in sims 4! I look forward to it and to see how well they’ll make it.

08-13-18_1-15-22 PM

What a wonderful picture. Bolin is being potty trained, while Belle is throwing food everywhere despite needing to eat. And I do think Bolin have enough skill to use the potty himself, but I can be wrong. Hmm…. Oh well, it’s something and he’s also skilling so. A win-win no matter what really. I also think that Trevor soon have like a few days off, so then he can help more with the kids.

08-13-18_1-16-26 PM

Poor Bambi… she got home from school and decided to pass out on the front porch. Poor girl. I think this happened because the monster under the bed woke her up and I forgot to send her back to bed, once the moodlet was gone. It’s not easy with a full house, but hey! This is my first documented fail in passouts I think. Ruby already took the one for peeing herself, but then she was pregnant too so. But it’s sad that it had to be Bambi to pass out. What will the “neighbors” think (aka, the non-existent once that we totally have)?

08-13-18_1-16-40 PM

And once more Trevor plays with a toddler on the dollhouse. This time with Belle. I think he so far have played with the dollhouse with all his kids… I might be wrong, but I know and remember that he have played with Bambi and now Belle… did he play with Bolin? Gotta go back and check. Yeah he did! Shortly after Bolin turned into a toddler! So Trevor have played dolls with all of the three singles, two when toddlers and one when a kid. That’s cute. He seem like such a dedicated father and really want to spend time with them. I think I’m going to let him be a stay-at-home father once he tops the career and let Ruby work some. Oh Trevor really is wrapping me around his finger! I totally adore him. If you hadn’t noticed already. He grown on me, and maybe he grows on you? Who knows…. no one knows.

08-13-18_1-19-41 PM

Ruby’s turn to be on triplet duty! Bagheera is smelly and screaming, but Betty is still calm at the moment. Hard to say anything about Basil, since Ruby is blocking my view of him. But he seems calm of the little I can see? (I can see him just a little under Ruby’s arm closest to the cribs if you look… there you can see his head barely).

08-13-18_1-22-40 PM

Bambi on the other hand has taken over and is playing with Bolin, but shortly after I took this picture, Bolin was done playing with the dollhouse. I’m just happy that he haven’t destroyed it again yet… he already did once, so please not again.

08-13-18_1-29-14 PM08-13-18_1-29-20 PM

As you can see here the house got an upgrade! Yay! The whole first floor is built, just need decorations and a little more like that. But we have two complete bathrooms so that’s something! The upstairs will take a while, since money ran out. But we have a beginning of a bedroom on the left side and two smaller bathrooms (We’re gonna need it with a full house and more if I decided to expand the limit… I’ll see). But we have four walls so that’s good! And I just noticed the weird shadow outside the house… might be the lamps causing it, but it looks so weird… Huh. Oh well.

08-13-18_1-36-51 PM

The three stages of infants; to the left the first stage, crying and screaming. An attentionseeking stage of the infant age, when they want their parents to shower them with attention… and possibly feed them/change a diaper or just attention. Next stage is the calm stage, where the infant is calm, but can any moment burst into a fit of rage/crying. Be aware of this stage… you never know what can happen. And the last stage is the sleeping stage of the infants. Here you can relax as you see the snooze come from the infant and can relax… for now. Any moment they can wake up and start screaming. But all these stages can cause a slight loss of sleep… so coffee can be a friend here, if you can afford it.

08-13-18_1-37-52 PM

The problem with triplets is that both Ruby and Trevor are starting to suffer hard from it, since both are lacking the proper sleep… this with also one kid and two toddlers in the house, while struggling to pay bills and build their dream home. Yeah…. Ruby is taking a quick nap, but she needs to wake up, since Trevor might be at work and the triplets need attention. This is going to be a hard trial for all… *Goes and grabs some water* Game time!

08-13-18_1-38-42 PM

Oh my freaking fruck… these things never stop screaming. Like I said before, if not one of them are crying, the others usually are. In this case, two. At least Basil is calm at the moment. I’m almost ready to hit mute to stop hearing their cries. It can’t even go a few minutes before they cry in the game again…. But throwing in the towel… never…!

08-13-18_1-40-11 PM08-13-18_1-41-05 PM08-13-18_1-41-18 PM

As you can see, we needed to make a cake again, since Bolin’s birthday was approaching fast, as well as the triplets birthdays! So there will be some celebrating on a minor scale… since we have to face the horror of the toddler triplets, plus one toddler with Belle. Oh my… *starting to mentally prepare for this many kids in the house*

08-13-18_1-42-37 PM08-13-18_1-42-44 PM

Ruby was all but ready to collapse from sleep deprivation, but lucky us she had enough aspiration points to buy one of these miracle things! Full energy and ready to face the triplets too! So gulp it down Ruby and let us keep going. We still have a lot of things to do.

08-13-18_1-44-25 PM08-13-18_1-44-47 PM

Trevor came home and did the same as Ruby; took a potion to get full energy and then it was time for Bolin to grow up! Look at that little toddler trying to blow out the candles. So cute. It was also the triplets time to grow up, so Ruby was in the other room ready to do that… after she cared for them some.

08-13-18_1-45-57 PM

Bolin the child arrives! He has his father’s eyes and hair, but mum’s skin which is nice. He looks so sure of himself here, which fits his new trait; Self-Assured. To that trait, he got the Artist Prodigy aspiration. Following moms footsteps there kid? Hehe. I’m going to give him a makeover later with the triplets after they have aged up, so next update I’ll show makeovers.

{"DRSAppName" : "ts4_x64.exe", "DRSProfileName" : "Sims 4"}

As you can see here, Bolin managed to master three skills, but he got all over level three, which made him also get the trait Happy Toddler, since kids get that one when all skills are or are over level three. Oh Bolin… I will not miss toddler you since you were a little… annoying sometimes, but he’s so cute that he almost makes up for it… can’t wait to see the kids all grown up!!! So curious to their looks.

08-13-18_1-46-05 PM

But enough of Bolin at the moment, we have the triplets to age up! Basil is apparently the oldest, and sleeping at the moment, so we’re going to age him up first then Bagheera, the second oldest, and then Betty whom is the youngest of the triplets. So let the aging up being!

08-13-18_1-46-43 PM

Here we have Basil! Aww… look at that cutie. Mum’s hair and skin, but daddies eyes… he’s adorable. And I got happy with the trait he rolled, it will make everything a little easier… he got Independent! Yay for me, no having to focus on him for the potty skill, but he can rather try on his own… That is one of the better traits for toddlers I think, when you have a lot of kids to care for of course.

08-13-18_1-47-04 PM

While Ruby is teaching Basil to walk (so adorable and I just noticed that the crib is not there… what the heck?) Trevor comes to age up the next toddler, Bagheera, that seem to have disappeared, but probably because he’s aging up.

08-13-18_1-47-27 PM

Oh look at that handsome toddler! Ruby’s hair and eyes, but Trevor’s skin. And Bagheera looks quite happy at the moment, which is fitting his trait. He rolled Charmer and it’s better than clingy or fussy for me so… good on you Bagheera!

08-13-18_1-48-02 PM

And last up we have Betty! This little girl looks cute and have Trevor’s hair and skin, but Ruby’s eyes I think. It’s easier to see after their makeovers. But little Betty rolled the same trait Bolin had… Fussy. Oh boy. This will be fun… not. At least her brother’s got less annoying traits, but we can handle this… hopefully.

08-13-18_1-48-07 PM

And why is it so cute when the toddlers learns to walk?! GAH!!! It’s so adorable when they think they will fall, but they don’t and all are happy because they learnt to wobble around like the cuties the toddlers are!!! *To adorable for me and my mind* Awwwie…. cute. And now I’m starting to feel my body protest, because I have been writing this update to long, since I also wrote the previous update in almost this same sitting. Just have to spellcheck it as this one later before I publish. So it’s almost time to round this update up. Also my game started to lag, but I’ll solve it later (It’s Ruby’s inventory causing the lag, since she have a lot of things in there… let me show you:)


This is sort of her inventory at the moment, but like another frog and more birth certificates, because I took this one before the triplet’s were born.

08-13-18_1-48-21 PM

Bolin on the other hand, celebrates his birthday not with cake, but with a nice fruit salad. Priorities am I right? Oh well. That means that we can save the cake for future birthdays if we have one soon in the future (which we probably will).

08-13-18_1-48-37 PM08-13-18_1-48-50 PM

We end this update of the baby boom challenge with Ruby teaching Betty to walk and Trevor being tense, while holding a quite concerned Bagheera in his arms. Please don’t hurt him Trevor!

But that is all for now and next time, we have more skilling, more building I hope and a full house of kids! So far we have six kids, three girls and three boys. That puts us at 6 out of 24 kids! A quarter of this challenge done and a quarter of each gender done! Still a long way to go, but hopefully this challenge will be done sooner or later. I’m aiming at being done with it around the end of september/beginning of october… but we’ll see how much life thrown wrenches in my plans. So until next update, take care and have a good day! And thank you as usual for reading this! Hugs to all out there!!


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