8: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


And welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge and the fifth post of my entry in SimNaNoWriMo! Last time we had Bolin turning into a kid and the recent triplets grew into toddlers! The house also got a complete structure that just now needs interior decorations and exterior too before we’re done. Which reminds me to update the titlecard too, since it doesn’t reflect the state of the house at the moment. Next update probably (or when I remember it). But that’s it for the little recap and let us jump straight back into the challenge and the life of the Huntley family.

Also! I have noticed that some pictures, or more the once of skills and pop ups, sometimes have a tendency to not show up properly… it’s strange while I edit, but I don’t know if they show up when I publish these… so if you readers don’t mind, maybe you can write in the comments if they show up or not? Perhaps they show up for me or others, but if someone notice this, I would love the feedback to see if I can solve this problem! Thank you for this quick notice and let’s get back into the update.

08-14-18_1-49-36 PM

We come back to see a toddler playing with the dollhouse all alone. And as you can see, I have given the toddlers and Bolin a makeover, so let’s start with a quick look at them. If you already have guessed, it’s Basil standing there playing with his makeover. We get a better look later. Also the pictures are finally better! It was apparently a bug that had happened, with blurry pictures and such, but the team have fixed it now… that makes me happy to see better looking pictures and not having to edit them as much as before.

08-14-18_1-50-10 PM

Here we have Bagheera in his full glory! He’s a cutie… with rainbow shoes that I have to fix, because I’m thinking that he have the color back, like the Bagheera in the jungle book, so must remember to fix that. He also got some apple juice from Ruby to sip on before I could do anything else… cute.

In the background we see Bolin, yes that’s Bolin cleaning, so let’s get a better look at him.

08-14-18_1-50-17 PM

Bolin did a 180 turn and became a good kid, that’s cleaning. Makes me happy and the house a little less dirty. Also reason for a bigger hallway if you wonder; less waiting for people to pass and room for everyone to move around to where they need to go. Needed since we’re going to have kids all over the place most of the time.

And a sneak peak at Betty in the background. A better look at her? Of course we can do that! Give me a second!

08-14-18_1-50-23 PM

Aw… look at her. She’s cute all right. And I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but I see so much not only of Trevor, but also a bit of Mitchell in there. I think it’s the shape of the head mostly and I know it’s not possible since he’s not related, but still… cute.

08-14-18_1-50-29 PM

And here is Basil again, this time from the front of him. He look so smug but cute too. I don’t know what it is about toddlers, but damn they can be so cute in this game. We also see Belle in the background sleeping some to restore her energy. It also reminds me that I have to buy a bed for Bolin, since he’s a kid now…. hmm…

08-14-18_1-52-40 PM

Bolin is still on a cleaning frenzy if you wondered what he was doing again. He seems quite happy about it too… hmm.. a future neat sim in the making perhaps? Not even Bambi I think is this neat of her… hmm…. wondering and pondering.

08-14-18_1-54-56 PM

As you see here now, I had to redo the nursery some to make room for more toddler beds for the triplets. All are sleeping expect Bagheera, since he was more hungry than the other kids. So better that he eats before bed, so he won’t be starving when he wakes up.

08-14-18_1-55-43 PM

The parents still have quite much energy to stay up, so they have some nice time to chat and build up their relationship some in a friendly way. I love the fact that Trevor is sitting by the chess table while this conversation is taking place… so like Trevor…. and now I got really itchy to play more in my megahood too!! Dah!!

08-14-18_1-56-42 PM

And finally after all this time, I could make Trevor practice his painting skill! Or more like, he was focused and made a mathematical diagram rather… so he raised his logic and not painting! But after he finished that one, I made him being to paint some. I need that portrait of Ruby for one of the mini-challenges! It’s not a hurry yet, but still… need it.

Just a reminder too for you guys! Trevor and Ruby is out on the gallery, so search my ID: Chosomoko and they should be featured on my profile (if I did it correct) or search Huntley, or just add the #babyboom to search and they should show up… better check that myself too. (I did check… nothing came up so… I don’t know if searching the hashtag will work for sure. Oh well, just look for my name instead and you find them!)

08-14-18_1-57-25 PM

The small garden is still alive for some reason, so I had Ruby go and take care of it… or rather she decided that she was done with family at the moment and went to talk to the plants… lolz. But we do make some money from the garden, which is nice and it’s small to so not spending a whole day caring for it either. Much good, some money… very good.

08-14-18_1-57-55 PM

Inside boy 1 and girl 1, Bambi and Bolin, decided to do their homework and chat some. Mostly because I saw that Bambi needed a BFF now on her current tier and I thought that it would be easier if she had Bolin be her Best Friend Forever. They do have quite high relationship, but still need to build it some more before we can do that. See, I’m working hard to get that aspiration out-of-the-way. I’ll probably only also try to complete one aspiration for each child… since I don’t want to stress too much with completing more with each of them you know… if you understand what I’m talking about.

08-14-18_1-58-49 PM

And of course it didn’t go a whole night without one of the triplets waking up from a nightmare, despite having a nightlight… maybe I need more than one with more toddlers? Hmm… no idea. I have to test that theory I guess.

08-14-18_1-59-36 PM

And Betty took course to Trevor and played with him instead for sleeping. It’s cute, until it looks like Trevor is about to drop her on the head, causing lifelong brain damage or something… oh well. Thank god this is only a game you know.

08-14-18_2-00-50 PM

After that playtime, Betty talked with Ruby some and Trevor is finally practicing his painting! Took long enough for him to start working at that skill. I also think that Trevor now have like… three days free before his work starts again. A whole long time that, but nice to help with the toddlers and house… sad since we have to make money other ways.

08-14-18_2-00-56 PM

Bolin needed one of these tables for his aspiration, so I bought one for him to sit on and work on the aspiration with. Then I just have to make him inspired too to get passed the first tier… someday… someday. I’ll try to focus more on Bambi’s first, the his since he have more days before he turns into a teen than Bambi…. oh my god! We’re soon gonna have the first teen in the house!! AHHH!!!! *excitement*

08-14-18_2-05-50 PM

I took this picture to show that Bolin is sharing room with his sister and parents at the moment. Also for the lightning. It’s amazing and I can’t get over it at all! It looks better in the game than on the picture at the moment, but woah… I’m amazed by this game and the lightning it have. I like.

08-14-18_2-10-24 PM

Ruby painted some and made this… which is apparently a masterpiece too. Which is good, since she’s on the last tier of her aspiration! (I think she also have mastered the painting skill by this point, since she only need to paint 5 masterpieces to finish the aspiration) Which is amazing! She needs currently two more before she’s done with the aspiration and can work on the next one.

08-14-18_2-17-04 PM

More building relationship between siblings, or like I love to call it, Bambi forcing interactions on her brother to become best friends forever and build her social skill. I do think she’s almost at the top of it too!! It goes fast with that happy toddler trait and probably faster if one can max all the toddler skills.

08-14-18_2-18-58 PM

Bug… bug!! Trevor pottytrains Bagheera while Ruby is supposed to train Betty with the potty… but it ended up like this… how? Why? Game stop this… because it’s not what it looks like, as in both parents tell one toddler how to potty. So weird, but so amusing.

08-14-18_2-21-59 PM

More Bambi spamming her brother with interactions to build their relationship! Not even giving Bolin time to work on his own aspiration… haha… guess what I’m focusing on at the moment huh?

08-21-18_11-15-22 AM08-21-18_11-16-34 AM

Trevor is such a good father I can’t even fantom how I would have managed this without him even… he does this on his own and I love it! Probably because he’s family oriented but still! I do love him very much and he’s becoming one of my favorite sims… like ever. And I realize that most of my favorite sims are also male… hmm… wonder why… oh well. One day I’ll get a female that I like very much. Ruby is getting there, but is not all the way.

08-21-18_11-17-03 AM

Ruby is teaching Basil some basic needs with the flashcards while Bagheera is standing there doing… something maybe. And Bambi have taken a small break from distracting her brother for her aspiration. It’s a sweet picture in a way… maybe I think so because my cat is currently lying on my lap/beside me (she just moved and it got cold…) which is a lot of cuddly and sweet… and warm and nice…

08-21-18_11-18-20 AM08-21-18_11-19-23 AM08-21-18_11-21-02 AM

And after a whole lot of spamming Bolin, some failure with interactions (the middle picture of the three didn’t go good and they lost some relationship), they could finally become best friends! So it was sealed with a hug and Bambi is on the last tier of her aspiration finally! That went quite fast actually, but she have less than a week I think until her birthday as well so… gotta work on it!

08-21-18_11-22-12 AM08-21-18_11-23-06 AM

Yeah it’s going to be a whole lot more of Ruby and Trevor doing this to their toddlers, mostly because they decided to really be messy from time to time. Annoying, but good for their parenting skill and for the kids to get better… hopefully. I never notice a real change in those things (responsibility and the other things) until childhood. It’s weird, but oh well. Not really having much focus on the character values in this challenge… just working on surviving the waves of toddlers we’re going to have from time to time and make sure the parents survive as well… we don’t want them to die.

08-21-18_11-24-26 AM

Bambi needed to make some friends with kids, so I had her go and play with the pirate ship playground near their house. The girl on the top she meet before and that boy is someone new. Hopefully this will build her relationships faster with kids, so that she have some friends that are kids… it’s an easy way! Really, it goes quite fast I think this way. Better than nothing for sure.

08-21-18_11-26-32 AM

This was a pretty picture that Ruby painted at home, but a little after this I got a notification about the romance festival happening again. So I thought… why not go there with Ruby and Trevor and have them spend some time alone, without the kids? It was such a long time ago they didn’t have kids around them everytime either so… And just a little after this, Marcus the doctor invited her to the festival… haha, no. We’re going with Trevor and not you thank you very much doctor Flex.

08-21-18_11-38-30 AM

And here they are! I gave Ruby and Trevor some new clothes that sort of fits a little with the romance festival I thought (and I also thought it was highly time to give some more outfits… after a while you want some change too so…).

08-21-18_11-39-33 AM

After they had taken some sakura tea, I had Ruby go and ask the love guru about the current relationship. Trevor got hungry, so I had him go and buy some ramen to eat. Guess what the guru told Ruby?… let me show you.


A back massage you say? Lolz. I was not prepared for him to say this ordinary thing. Mostly I get a little deeper things, but this is so ordinary so… oh well, he probably knows that I’ll make them stay together no matter what since they need more babies for the challenge! Moahaha… and I’m sure that the back massage can be arranged in the future.

08-21-18_11-39-49 AM08-21-18_11-40-35 AM

They flirted after Ruby was done with the guru and it seems that Trevor’s tableneighboor isn’t to fond of them flirting. Also if you seen on the picture above (when Trevor eats) you see Morgana Fryes in the background. She’s an adult now, so the world keeps going around at the moment. Some interesting things have happened really…. so at the end of the update, I’ll try to show all the pop ups that I have gotten about the other sims. Some I’ll write from memory, since I don’t have all that came (stupid screen capture program that I now have gotten rid of and have a much better one). So hold on to the end people!

08-21-18_11-41-53 AM08-21-18_11-42-25 AM

They did this on their own… I really like these two together… so cute and all the other words you can say about people being cute together. It was here I also had an idea… it’s the romance festival… they are married… you can renew their vows with a wedding arc… there’s one right here at the festival…. you see where this is going, aren’t you? So prepare for some spam of them saying I do once more in their life (even if it’s the first time since I made them married so…)! (Fitting that I’m listening to it takes two from hairspray… ahaha… lovely)

08-21-18_11-42-59 AM08-21-18_11-43-38 AM08-21-18_11-43-51 AM08-21-18_11-43-54 AM08-21-18_11-44-04 AM

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage” //Lao Tzu

I thought that quote was fitting. Doing this challenge with the same two sims gives you the idea, the story in your head that they give each other strength by staying together, but also the courage to do this together and raise a family, with many kids… I don’t know… I always fall into that pattern after I have played some sims for a while and a certain family. It’s the same with my ISBI-Challenge. I make stories in the head of why and how they came together and their challenges they have to overcome. Even if I don’t write it out… it’s nice to do that sometimes to keep the creativity flowing and coming up with new ideas to do in the future. Oh well… enough of my rambling… Have some final spam of these two cuties! And some fireworks!

08-21-18_11-44-12 AM08-21-18_11-44-14 AM

They are so cute together. Like seriously… too cute.

08-21-18_11-45-08 AM

And some final moment at the romance festival before it finish spent painting. Then they went home since they’re quite tired now.

08-21-18_11-48-33 AM

Before bedtime for the parents, because they got quite tired at the festival, Trevor decided to play with Bagheera some. It was cute… like really cute. I can never get enough of this. And I realize that I already have fallen in love with this family a lot…. it’s hard to believe that, but that’s how it is. Might also be because I listen to music while writting updates and get more or less music that fits. Currently listening to five for fighting – 100 years. It’s oddly fitting for this family and Trevor/Ruby’s relationship in a way… only that they’ll live more than a 100 years by this point! Lolz.

08-21-18_11-53-23 AM

And we end this update with the whole family asleep, waiting to wake up to a new day and new adventures that will happen to them. So for now I bid you goodbye until we meet again in the next update. Then we will have skilling, more upgrades around the house and hopefully a birthday or two. We’ll see what happens. because I haven’t played much further than this so… but have a good time until then! Bye, bye!

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