9: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Welcome back once more to my sims 4 Baby Boom Challenge with Ruby and Trevor Huntley. Last time, the triplets grew up to toddlers, Bolin grew up to a child and Bambi got to her last tier of her aspiration. Ruby and Trevor also traveled to the romance festival and renewed their vows. And that’s about what I can remember and can say. Nothing more interesting happened, so let’s get back into this and see what happens this time. Also sorry for the space between this post and the last one. Life decided to be very busy and adding some sickness with it too so… yeah, but now I’m back, hopefully not to long before the next update! Now, unto the update!

08-14-18_7-25-17 PM

It’s been a while with the collection gathering and I realized that it have halted… if we see one collection complete, then I’m surprised. Perhaps the postcard is possible to do when I don’t have a meltdown over all the toddlers. Oh well.

08-21-18_11-55-16 AM

Around the house Bolin is having some time bounding with his little brother Bagheera, whom seem to enjoy spending time with his brother as well. That’s nice, whatever they are talking about.

08-21-18_11-57-45 AM

And the problem begins… Bambi is a vegetarian as you remember, but the food runs out so fast in this household since everyone needs to eat. This means that it’s easier for Bambi as well to get food with meat in it… and it sucks….! Sad Bambi is getting sick in her stomach. This is the first time though, so that’s not all that bad it happens. Bambi eats meat count: 1.

08-21-18_12-01-55 PM

Then Trevor was invited out with Victor Feng to the flea market. We accepted and brought Bambi with him. Why? Because the last tier of her aspiration is to befriend two adults… and one adult she knows is Victor apparently… so why not befriend him?

08-21-18_12-02-55 PM08-21-18_12-04-23 PM08-21-18_12-05-33 PM08-21-18_12-06-42 PM08-21-18_12-07-40 PM08-21-18_12-08-20 PMBambiaspirationcomplete

And that’s what the rest of the time in the flea market was spent; Bambi befriending people (adults) to complete her aspiration. And the guy with the black tie was the final friend she needed to complete her aspiration! So Bambi got the Socially Gifted trait. Trevor on the other hand just walked around, danced some and such. Nothing else happened and we went home after this shortly. (I have so many screenshots now it’s crazy… so if I don’t put something up it might because I can’t find it or something, but I’ll try).

I’m proud that I managed to do it, but man… it sucks when you have a full household, since everyone needs attention. This really have become a micromanagement gameplay for me as well. But fun neither less for me! Such difference from an ISBI and such. Oh well, less talking and writing, more moving forward!

08-21-18_12-08-34 PM

The whole time the flea market was happening, Caleb Vatore just stood there… doing nothing. I’m glad he didn’t burn up but at the same time I think I saw animations of his energy getting low. Oh well, his problem not mine.


Just as Bambi and Trevor came home, this came up in my corner. If you go back and look at the pictures at the market, you see a gray-haired lady with a yellow and black tunic/shirt of some sort. That’s the lady that just passed away. That Bambi just spoke to once. To introduce herself, or more the lady did… thanks for that game. Now Bambi have a sad moodlet for like ages… damn you…. *Shakes fist*

08-26-18_2-25-29 PM

Back home again and Ruby decided to play some dolls with Bambi, while her other four toddlers stood around, ate or did something else. I’m so glad that Belle is going to grow up soon… otherwise I’m gonna go a little nuts from all the toddlers. It’s such a pain to take care of them at the moment, since their needs drops so quick. But we can do it… even if I feel like ripping my hair out sometimes, but we can do it and finish it!

08-26-18_2-25-45 PM

Trevor finally found some time to start working on his painting skill, since we still need to get a portrait of Ruby on the wall!! We got one of Trevor, but need Ruby as well to be able to complete the mini-challenge I have taken on so… I would like that soon to happen (complete the challenge yes and the mini-challenges, but also for Trevor to get to the point where he can paint from reference).

08-26-18_2-25-51 PM

I think I took this to show off Bolin’s looks a little better. He’s a cutie and I can’t wait until he grows up more so I can get a better look at his genetics!! That is the interesting part really. But his birthday is still a week or so away, compared to Bambi’s that’s coming soon. Yay!! The first teen of the challenge is soon coming. Hopefully.

08-26-18_2-30-03 PM

Still working on his skill and I also bought another easel so that Ruby can paint some, because I want to capture her painting for her portrait. She’s a good painter so…. wanna do that, like I did with Trevor’s portrait.

08-26-18_2-30-46 PM

So many toddlers… and as you can see, there seem to always be food of some sort in this room; either plates or dirty plates or someone eating or food ready to be picked up by the toddlers. Gah… it’s annoying… I like toddlers, but man their needs drop so freaking fast in my opinion.

08-26-18_2-37-36 PM08-26-18_2-39-38 PM

Some time later and finally Trevor begins to paint Ruby’s portrait! After an hour or so in the game, it was finished! Look at that portrait. Not bad if I must say so myself. Now for the finale…

08-26-18_2-40-33 PM

Done! Two portraits of the parents, Ruby and Trevor Huntley, is up on the walls of the house! I like how they turned out and love this mod since it allows you to change how the portraits looks! Imagine that you have a painter that just paint inverted paintings. Now you can do it easier! And I like to just have some paintings clearer to view as well.

08-26-18_2-42-56 PM

This was taken because… something. Either because they’re spending some time together or something else… I don’t remember so well at the moment. But oh well, it’s some mother and daughter bounding at least. It’s hard sometimes for the family to find time together, since I control most of them as well so… hehehe.

08-26-18_3-00-48 PM

Another day and another time. Bolin is doing some homework, while Ruby is cooking to make sure that we have food for the toddlers and the other members of the household. Pros of many sims; the food rarely spoils. Cons: goes away so fast and leaves a lot of dirty dishes around the house for them to clean up.

08-26-18_3-04-24 PM09-03-18_7-47-47 PM

Trevor comes back from home, in new clothes and making funny gestures/faces… that can only mean that he got a promotion! From a Low-Orbit Specialist, he was promoted to a Space Cadet! Now he actually gets to go out in space too! And he’s now at level 6, one level from becoming an astronaut! He’s not doing bad progress, considering that he still have some days left before becoming an adult too. Oh Trevor, my little baby. Vuw you so much! (My attachment level to Trevor: sky-rocket high)

09-03-18_7-49-05 PM

Funny thing here… Trevor was just gonna take a bath and then he fell asleep, despite his energy being quite high! So why he did this I don’t know… goofy Trevor! And he still needs a spaceship for aspiration that have stopped progressing for now… but one day he’ll get there… it just takes time. I should probably try to go to the geek festival with him sometime, just to get him to upgrade some and go to space too… oh well.

09-03-18_7-58-10 PM

Bolin and Bambi got home too, quite tired and bored. But they also brought with them some projects for school! Which will be done after they have taken care of their moods some… because I would want to take care of my mood before doing anything for school (so me…). Oh and also I upgraded the house some as you can tell! We got a bay window couch and then I placed the desk that Trevor got with his promotion (to the left). That’s about it for the livingroom. I also moved one of the easels too.

09-03-18_7-58-22 PM

The kitchen got a small upgrade too. As you can see, some new placement and new shelves too, with some benches to make food too. The table will come in the future as well, but not now. We need to save money too, since it’s running low so fast when upgrading the house. And yes, if you look careful you can see Ruby’s small garden just outside the window here.

09-03-18_7-58-33 PM

The upstairs got a small upgrade too, but not much. Still have to build more rooms and finish other things. (Note here: I’ll remove the wall sticking out there after a while, making a more open space, which will come in the future. Just so you know that it won’t look the same)

09-03-18_7-59-23 PM

The children’s beds were moved to the upstairs from their parents bedroom. To the left is Bambi’s current bed and to the right is Bolin’s bed. Soon we’re probably going to have to add another once, since Belle’s birthday is approaching.

09-03-18_8-00-57 PM09-03-18_8-02-30 PM

Both Bolin and Bambi brought home projects from school, so of course both parents had to help their kids. Their projects later turned out completely fine, if not a good quality even. Can’t remember (since I’m having a mushy brain from my cold…) so not sure about the quality overall.

09-03-18_8-03-26 PM09-03-18_8-06-07 PM

Oh wait, there you can see. My bad, was way too fast to write and forgot to take a look at the pictures even… duuhhh…. *facepalm* oh well. That’s how it can be.

09-03-18_8-12-34 PM

Ruby is talking to their toddler Belle about something. And I just noticed that Ruby have not gained a lot of baby weight from all the births yet… hmm…. if she does, oh well. If she doesn’t… oh well!

09-03-18_8-16-09 PM

Then Ruby went back to paint her little painting. And then it was finished, but glitched and it looked like that finished. It’s weird that it happens sometimes (have happened several times now with my sims painting)… have that happened to you guys too? Just curious. I do hope that they fix it soon.

09-03-18_8-22-06 PM

Bagheera is eating food apparently, since I have this picture and decided that it should be here… okay then.

09-03-18_8-22-50 PM09-03-18_8-26-53 PM

Mother, son and father, all skilling away in their own way. Bolin is working on his aspiration (He’s on the last tier and need to play more I think), Ruby is painting as usual, since it makes money. And Trevor is still working on getting that skill in fitness to get another promotion! He’s getting there all right… but it’s going to take time.

09-03-18_8-36-51 PM

Let’s see here… the fridge is almost out of stockage of food. So I had both parents make food… they’re a big family, so they need to make food to make sure, that everyone have something to eat. Like seriously, it takes just a few days before the fridge is empty again.

09-03-18_8-38-47 PM

I looked at the funds and noticed that we had above 5000 at least, so I couldn’t hold it anymore and wanted Trevor to keep working on his aspiration. So we bought a rocket ship. Yes I know that he will get one when he’s promoted enough, but come on… I want to explore space, since I haven’t even played around with rockets yet! This is the first time I have one while playing… so I’m curious. Really curious.

09-03-18_8-39-03 PM

After some mood management, Trevor was ready to being and work on the ship, since he needs to launch or upgrade it around five times now? I’m not sure with the aspiration, gotta check it out.

09-03-18_8-40-02 PM

We have four toddlers, but soon it’s only going to be three… why? Because we have a birthday to celebrate!

09-03-18_8-51-25 PM

It’s little Belle’s birthday today! So mommy is taking her young to the cake… even if she should look when she’s taking a toddler to the cake… just saying…

09-03-18_8-51-29 PM

And she looks ready to pass out. Great work there Belle! Now spin into childhood!!

09-03-18_8-53-11 PM

And here we have Belle the child, daughter number two and child number three. If that makes sense. Anyhow, she managed to master the potty, imagination, thinking and communication skill. One more and she had become a perfect toddler… but oh well. She earned the Happy Toddler trait. But as she transformed into a child, this was her future:


Belle earnt the Active trait as well and got the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration, which is quite fitting. So she wants to master the motor skill. Interesting I must say. And with that out-of-the-way, this is the perfect time to end update nine of my Baby Boom Challenge. Next time… well more things happens and we progress as well. Still have to write two more updates before I really must play again so… but have a good day/night until the next update! Bye, bye!


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