10: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Hello! Happy new year people! I am back… again. After mysteriously going away again and letting this sit, pretty much finished, in the bin the last/almost three to four months… hehe. But hey, it’s here now. And hopefully here to finish this before next year! *Crosses fingers*

Welcome back to the Baby Boom Challenge and me, MissWingless. Last time we bought a rocket ship, Belle had a birthday and someone random person died and made Bambi sad. Also the household worked on skills or aspirations. So that’s it for the small recap, so let’s get back into this and see what happens this time!

I’m sorry for taking long with a update again… but my studies also demanded my attention, as well life deciding to throw a lot of things my way at once… but here I am and in great spirit to finish this!

Current Household:

Trevor Huntley (Father)

Ruby Huntley (Mother)

Bambi (Girl #1)

Bolin (Boy #1)

Belle (Girl #2)

Basil (Boy #2)

Bagheera (Boy #3)

Betty (Girl #3)

09-08-18_9-57-22 AM09-08-18_9-57-28 AM

This particular update is starting with Trevor looking nice (and buff as heck in my eyes) and downing the very first potion of youth of the challenge… I can’t believe that it already have been around 24 days in the game… it goes so fast. Or slow, since I like to take a million pictures and like… use all of them. But oh well, what can I do? I like taking pictures of like… everything. Can’t help it.

09-08-18_9-58-20 AM

Since Belle had a recent birthday we bought a bed for her. So she’s sharing a room with Bolin and Bambi so far. In the future they will get their own rooms… it will just take time and me trying to break my grip on their funds.

09-08-18_9-59-44 AM

Here we see Ruby painting, but I’m pretty sure she’s finished it with… so it glitched out again! WAAH! It’s sad, but hey. Some say it’s art anyway so. We still got money for a white canvas. What a steal guys, omg, like a fraud or something. Oh well.

09-08-18_10-00-50 AM

Bambi brought home a random dude from school. Or it might have been Bolin or Belle, but this boy decided to speak with Bambi instead so… yeah. Future boyfriend material or something? Who knows.

09-08-18_10-01-50 AM09-08-18_10-03-46 AM

Three triplets around the house and we sure get a lot of dirty dishes, because they’re freaking hungry almost all the time or in need of potty. Which sucks by the way. But Bolin is my hero and he’s making sure that the dirty dishes is taken care of. My boy!

09-08-18_10-04-43 AM09-08-18_10-04-50 AM

As you can see, we have renovated some and added a door to the back of the house, so that they don’t have to go around all the time from the front. Why? Because we added a little slide for the toddlers, since I just figured out from reading other challenges/legacies that it helps the toddlers skill a little faster. Which is nice, so I’ll try and see what happens and if I can get that one perfect toddler with all skills at their max level… that would be great really. We’ll see how many times that happens in this challenge.

09-08-18_10-05-52 AM09-08-18_10-09-32 AM

Basil is our tester for the slide! And he’s adorable in his hoodie like omg. So cute the first round and it went well… and then a little later… well, he looks terrified and scared and I just want to hug him for that face. But instead I laughed at it… cause he looks funny! But that mouth… I never understood why EA needed the facial animation to go down that much for the mouth! It’s crazy!

09-08-18_10-10-54 AM

Then he needed to eat, so he went indoors and ate some mac and cheese I think. He looks so content here it’s adorable and just plain cute for a toddler. I like the toddlers… when they’re not making a freaking rucus about everything.

09-08-18_10-12-00 AM

Trevor is pulling faces again, which I love by the way if you haven’t noticed. Lovely really. I heart my Trevor boy so much! Even if he looks sad at the moment. I think he’s just uncomfortable with something.

09-08-18_10-16-18 AM

And then he’s all fine playing some chess, because why not? That’s Trevor in a nutshell.

09-08-18_10-17-29 AM

A recent update to the house in the form of a new computer for the family to use. We’re also going to need it for the future to do stuff… like aspirations perhaps and such.

09-09-18_11-32-21 AM

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper Huntley update without Trevor playing dolls with one of his kids! This time it’s Belle as a kid.

09-09-18_11-34-20 AM

After some playtime Trevor headed outside to work on his rocketship and his rocket science skill as well.

09-09-18_11-36-33 AM

The garden is somehow alive still, so Ruby is heading out to care for it. A very green Max walks by as a teen too… That boy is the unlucky in genetic department, or is it just me thinking that?

09-09-18_11-38-15 AM09-09-18_11-38-18 AM

These lovely birds decided that they wanted some fun, so let them have some fun… and I might or might not have expanded the household limit too…. so…. yeah. They’re trying for a baby.

09-09-18_11-38-57 AM

Time to get moving and get more kids on the way! Mostly because the triplets are soon going to be kids, which means that I can handle more toddlers! I think…

09-09-18_11-40-42 AM

Afterwards the parents decided to just sit around on the bed and chat with one another. It was a while since they did that so, just chatting I mean. Their relationship have gone down some, so might try and get it back up.

09-09-18_11-41-18 AM

Why the heck did I take this one? I don’t know really. Ehrm… probably because this is how it looks like sometimes; one of the triplets is up, while the other two are sleeping.

09-09-18_11-44-53 AM

So mama Ruby takes care of Bagheera and helps him with the new slide. But right now it looks like Bagheera is confused and like; you want ME on THAT? Huh…

09-09-18_11-48-55 AM

Trevor is still working hard on his rocketship and hopefully it will be done sooner or later… he’s getting there and as well as his skill. I don’t complain about that at least.

09-09-18_11-50-55 AM09-09-18_11-51-24 AM

Obligatory positive pregnancytest and telling the scared/happy/confused father photos! As usual Trevor looks like he wants to die. Like: “We already have six kids! When will it be enough?!” …. not until 18 more kids have come and gone. Sorry Trevor.

09-09-18_11-53-19 AM09-09-18_11-56-03 AM

I think that Trevor wanted to level up his handiness and I want some better furniture around the house, like stoves and fridges and toilets and such. So Trevor is fixing up the stove some while little Basil comes to watch papa working on the stove some. What a trooper this guy is.

09-09-18_12-02-13 PM09-09-18_12-02-17 PM09-09-18_12-02-30 PM

And update around the house! The second floor have been a little rebuilt to fit in more rooms for the kids as they grow up. First floor/ground floor not much have happened I think… I just took it to show the current state. And the basement is not getting anywhere at the moment. We just have a room for all the current collectables. Which I should get a move on, but oh well… we’ll see if we get there one day or not. Only time can tell, but we’re still early in the challenge too so.

09-09-18_12-03-11 PM09-09-18_12-03-17 PM

Random kid came home with someone of the three children in the household, but who it was… I can’t remember. Should probably look through the screenshots to see… and I have nothing about this kid… great…. Oh well, this kid was playing in the trashcan for some strange reason, but I don’t care cause it’s not our kid so… meh.

09-09-18_12-05-26 PM

And then the kid decided to be an asshole! Or it might have been Basil that destroyed it… I don’t remember… the downside with letting the pictures sit for to long before writting. Oh well… But yeah, someone detroyed the dollhouse and I think that Ruby is expressing her disappointment… so it might have been Basil.

09-09-18_12-37-13 PM

Look at this! The parents bedroom have been upgraded a lot! Curtaints, a small area for reading or just sitting, a mirror and somewhere for the clothes. I like how it have turned out so far, but there’s still a lot to go before this house is done. Oh well we’re getting there one day in this challenge. And by then I probably have redone the house or something… wouldn’t surprise me at all.

09-09-18_12-37-55 PM

The rocketship is still coming along little by little. It’s better than nothing so. I can’t wait for Trevor to go on space adventures… and also for them to have some space woohoo… if you know what I mean. But that will happen when they’re finished with this rocket so it might take a while longer too.

09-09-18_12-53-37 PM

And we end this update with a look at Ruby as she just entered the second trimester! Not to long before the next kid or kids make an apperance! I can’t wait. So until then, have a good time until the next update! Thanks for reading people!


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