11: Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge


Hello and welcome back to another baby boom challenge update. Last time… nothing much really. Ruby got pregnant again because I raised the limit of the household a little higher. Other than that, not much. So let’s get going people!

Current Household

Trevor Huntley (Father, YA)

Ruby Huntley (Mother, YA)

Bambi (Girl #1, Child)

Bolin (Boy #1, Child)

Belle (Girl #2, Child)

Basil (Boy #2, Toddler)

Bagheera (Boy #3, Toddler)

Betty (Girl #3, Toddler)

09-18-18_1-51-16 PM09-18-18_1-51-19 PM

House update! Or more like… everyone is asleep at the moment, praise the sim god for that! Okay… fine, there’s still a little fella awake. Can you spot him? If not, let us zoom in.

09-18-18_1-51-31 PM

Little tyke Basil is awake, having a blast it looks like on the slide. Oh his face, so cute. Like “OMG, this is the best shit ever! AGAIN!!”

09-18-18_1-53-20 PM

Then Trevor woke up and headed for some breakfast, with all his muscle glory like my… he gotten buff people. And that booty… trust me, he got one, since it’s going to be a picture further ahead when you can properly see it. Trust me… it shows.

09-18-18_1-54-10 PM09-18-18_1-54-28 PM09-18-18_1-55-04 PM

And here we see Basil annoying the crap out of Trevor by asking why a bunch of times… and he did max the Thinking skill, making Basil the first official toddler of mine to max all the toddler skills! YAY!! (Insert a pic for this).

09-18-18_1-57-58 PM

Bagheera and Betty are having some breakfast, not having mastered all their skills, but are still quite good so that they get the happy toddler trait at least. That’s something.

09-18-18_2-02-05 PM

Belle is happily cleaning the house, while Bolin is playing doctor… and dear lord it was to long since I have played these guys. I’m having a hard time remembering their names now. That’s my fault since I want to do the “Not the B’ss” challenge so.

09-18-18_2-05-54 PM

The three oldest kids decided to hang out by the pirate ship a short distance from the house. Best way to bound with the other siblings. Oh yay. Anyhow, this is way taken before I got Seasons by the way, so I think in either next update, or the one after that, we can see when seasons got installed in my game peps.

09-18-18_2-06-03 PM09-18-18_2-06-14 PM

As Ruby care for her small garden, Trevor is finally done with the spaceship! Finally! After so much time. So now he’s going to have go to space adventures or just upgrade it to be better. I do know that he have gone on one adventure at least.

09-18-18_2-09-31 PM

But what is this? Oh it’s the terrible triplets birthday! So first up is Basil, our now top notch toddler… hehe. He’s the first one up.

09-18-18_2-11-40 PM

With a terrible fashion choice… so it’s a makeover after this soon. Basil rolled Cat Lover as his trait… oh boy. He surely want a cat now. He can get one later when he moves out. And yes, I do have pets. I just rarely play with pets for some reason.

09-18-18_2-12-09 PM09-18-18_2-12-58 PM

Then we have Bagheera up, turning into a fine lad… or not the finest. He rolled Mean. Our first meanie in the house. This will be interesting.

09-18-18_2-13-35 PM09-18-18_2-14-15 PM

And last up we have Betty. She and Bagheera got the happy toddler trait. And little Betty rolled… Geek. Meh. And that’s the triplets birthday. And we still have one more birthday somewhere around the corner, because Bambi is having her birthday soon… which means that we’ll have our first teen in the house!! Excited!! (Even though it have taken eleven updates for that to happen… hehe).

09-18-18_2-32-20 PM

And here we have fixed some of the rooms, so that each kid now has their own separate room, with a bed for now. I don’t think they will have much more than that, since they’ll move out eventually. We’ll see how I do about that.

09-18-18_2-40-50 PM

Ruby need to raise her parenting skill some, because she has switched to the Super Parent aspiration if I haven’t said so before. And here she helps Belle with her homework, while being super-pregnant and while Trevor watch it all unfold as he eats.

09-18-18_2-44-18 PM09-18-18_2-44-26 PM

Time passed and bedtime came. But Bagheera’s monster under the bed came and… well look at this distressed face. That’s all you need. Those lips can’t get more bent if they tried. So off he went to wake up some parents…. which I’m not even sure if he finished that interaction or not.

09-18-18_2-50-07 PM

Here Bagheera is actually cute when he’s not being a meanie to his siblings and parents. Now he’s playing doctor and showing off his makeover. Since he’s a meanie, he got a more edgy kid look. Still cute though.

09-18-18_2-50-13 PM

Basil got a more… little oldie look, since he’s probably going to become the next Lynx of this save, except the male counterpart. I’m going to give him so many cats when he grows up and moves out. Mark my words!

09-18-18_2-52-49 PM

And I realized I didn’t have a good picture of Betty… so her you get a picture of her in her sleepwear… walking away as Ruby is going in her sleepwear to get some food, since the pregnancy is draining her mood…. a lot.

09-18-18_2-54-16 PM

And what did I tell you? Trevor did go to space! Eventually in this chapter. Here’s a summary of what happened during his spacetravel. I have marked with a number what choice was taken and read from left and down, then right and down. Or you might figure it out yourself. I don’t know. Oh well, here it is:


I didn’t get the last one apparently, but he failed doing the fancy flying and didn’t escape them, but he did land safely back on earth. Otherwise we would have had a picture of the destroyed spacecraft.

09-18-18_3-04-05 PM

And Trevor got back a little before and in time for Bambi’s birthday! She’s finally becoming a teen… yay. Just a thousand more updates before the last kid becomes a teen… probably if I keep going at this pace. Oh well. What can I do? We see.

09-18-18_3-10-39 PM09-18-18_3-10-53 PM

Apparently I thought it would be a good idea for Trevor to fixed/upgrade the fridge while his oldest had her birthday… what a genius move on my part. But her younger brothers are at least there to celebrate her, so that’s something.

09-18-18_3-12-50 PM

And poof. She’s a teen with a quirky sense of fashion apparently. Meh… She needs a makeover. But first. What did become of her you ask? Young Bambi rolled this:

sims 4 screenshot 2018.09.18 -

Bambi rolled the Active trait and wants to become The Bestselling Author, granting her the bonus trait of Muser. So that’s Bambi’s future; writing books and sometimes go for a jog or two. What a sweet life.

09-18-18_3-21-57 PM

A small peek at Bambi in CAS. She’s pretty and mostly reminds me of her father, but she does have her mother’s haircolor, eyecolor and skintone. I think she has her mother’s nose too, but can be wrong. I do think that Bambi is a good mix of them both. And quite pretty.

And that’s all for this update actually! Next update, we’re having probably some births and birthdays… and just that maybe. I know sort of, but my savefile crashed some times, so I had to replay some things after this update. But no worry, we are in the clear with the savefile, so this challenge will be finished… sometime. Until next time then, take care!


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