12: Huntley’s Baby Boom!


Hello! Welcome back to the Huntley family with their baby boom challenge! Last time, we had some birthdays and our first teen in the house, some space adventures and other things… maybe. But let’s get moving right away people!

Current Household

Trevor Huntley (Father, YA)

Ruby Huntley (Mother, YA)

Bambi (Girl #1, Teen)

Bolin (Boy #1, Child)

Belle (Girl #2, Child)

Basil (Boy #2, Child)

Bagheera (Boy #3, Child)

Betty (Girl #3, Child)

11-08-18_8-22-01 PM

We come back to a… strange thing. I understand a mothers love for her children, but Ruby… this is to close for comfort and for your unborn kid/kids…. My god. And don’t look so happy about it Ruby!

11-08-18_8-33-15 PM

And all of a sudden (Yeah it was fast…) it’s time to deliver the baby/babies! The doctor wannabe Cruella De Vile is ready and happy about it… the father and mother though.

11-08-18_8-33-31 PM

Ruby: He’s freaking out again… I’m over this.

Yeah… they have been through this so many times and still Trevor freaks out.

11-08-18_8-33-33 PM

And I can’t get over the fact that he’s cute no matter what. Oh Trevor you cutie.

11-08-18_8-33-58 PM11-08-18_8-34-25 PM

Let me tell you… it’s some concern when you have a ghost working at a hospital. Maybe that’s the reason Paulo is stressed/tense…? He shouted some just as I took the picture.

11-08-18_8-35-18 PM11-08-18_8-35-41 PM

Trevor cracks me up as usual and we get the show on the road. Time to see what little creatures we have this time waiting to come out.

11-08-18_8-37-35 PM

And twins…. two little baby boys! Boy 4 and 5! This means that the next boy to be born will be the one child I can’t look at…. fun. And so we have a household of ten. Because I’m an idiot maxing the limit (which have caused some issues with the game, so I’ll turn it back to 8 once the two oldest are out of the house). Oh well. Say hello to Bob and Baloo! Which one is who? I don’t know, so no point in asking me at the moment.

12-16-18_4-05-27 PM

Back home the parents flirt, as in love as when they first began this adventure… but now with eight children under their belt… oh boy. And we still have…. 16 children left to birth… *realise how long I have left of the challenge* My god… eh…! (Says me that just got out of a three hour session with these guys… so I’m a little ahead at least)

12-16-18_4-08-07 PM

When the newborns need attention, mommy comes. And Bolin and Bagheera have meet their new siblings… which if I remember correctly they actually was happy about? Can be wrong.

12-16-18_4-08-31 PM

More upgrading of the rocket for Trevor’s part, since he still need it for his aspiration! That he still haven’t finished yet…. eh… Soon!

12-16-18_4-10-09 PM

And problems! When the older siblings want to cuddle and talk and play with their baby brothers, but they need to be taken care of which none can do because children! AHHH!!! This annoys me… greatly.

12-16-18_4-10-31 PM

And…. meanie pooppohead is destroying the dollhouse again…. eh… staph! Time to lecture this little cretin!

12-16-18_4-10-56 PM12-16-18_4-11-16 PM

Trevor game Bagheera a timeout while he fixed the dollhouse. That little boy looks so smug about the whole situation. EH… sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself, then I remember… because I want to.

12-16-18_4-12-38 PM

On the other hand, the oldest triplet is doing something productive on his parents bed! Like homework! Awesome. At least we have one good kid around here.

12-16-18_4-14-07 PM

Whatever is happening here, they seem to have a good time, which is good at least. Two of the three triplets talking to their father. And Trevor’s hands are still glitchy… hmm.. it must be that shirt he’s wearing (which sucks since I like it)… hmm…

12-16-18_4-21-14 PM

Why do I have this picture? I don’t even remember what’s going on here. They’re mad at each other? Did Ruby lecture Basil? Who will ever know, since it have been like… months or so with these pictures… hehe, sorry guys…. :3

12-16-18_4-24-53 PM

You guys remember that Bambi is a vegetarian, right? Cause I don’t apparently, since she’s been eating eggs and bacon here… I am a stupid little player. Sorry Bambi!! Poor, violated girl…

12-16-18_4-28-12 PM

And that was a new one… I like it. But we need money so…. it was sold. But no worries, I’m sure that we can paint it again! (aka, it have never showed up ever again so far….)

12-16-18_4-30-16 PM

BAGHEERA! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME YOU MONSTER!!! AHHH!!!! This kid will be… my death and frustration. EH…… *Calls for Trevor/Ruby to scold him*

12-16-18_4-31-20 PM

And we end this, little shorter update with the twins and all the birth certificates on the wall for the eight kids that have been born this far. With one of the twins screaming, while the other is as cool as a cucumber. Until next time, have a good one and I promise it won’t be so much filler… at least in the next one…. can’t promise about the others. And the pics will be a little less I think, since my mind tend to hyperventilate with these family now… a family of ten sims… oh boy….

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