13: Huntley’s Baby Boom!


And I have been away for months again… oh well. I’m back now, probably crawling back into my hole sooner or later. That’s life, but I have been productive, so if I’m disappearing again, it’s probably because of life and probably me trying to write several updates so that this challenge can be over with! I like it, but want to finish too so. Enough ramble now. So… Welcome back to the 13th post of the one and only Huntley Baby Boom Challenge! Last time, Ruby gave birth to the twins, Bob and Baloo. And then it was just some filler. This time, more things happen and more filler. Probably.

Current Household

Trevor Huntley (Father, YA)

Ruby Huntley (Mother, YA)

Bambi (Girl #1, Teen)

Bolin (Boy #1, Child)

Belle (Girl #2, Child)

Basil (Boy #2, Child)

Bagheera (Boy #3, Child)

Betty (Girl #3, Child)

Bob (Boy #4, Baby)

Baloo (Boy #5, Baby)

01-15-19_3-21-17 PM

We begin this update with Trevor caring for one of the twins… and which one it is I don’t know. The other is sleeping, since I can just see a snooze by the edge of the screenshot.

01-15-19_3-22-17 PM

Then Trevor goes outside to work some more on upgrading the rocket ship. Which is taking forever… But I think this is the final upgrade he needs to do before completing the tier of his aspiration, which means that he can finally move on to the final tier of the freaking aspiration! YAY!!

01-15-19_3-25-23 PM

And then the twins decided to scream their lungs out, because they can. Don’t worry little once, mommy or daddy will come… eventually and care for you. Unless someone else gets there before to do it, which is not so likely.

01-15-19_3-26-59 PM

I promise that they’re just having some fun… no more kids at the moment, until the household is having some space… and back down to 8 sims.

01-15-19_3-31-28 PM

After ages of a small table, we finally bought a bigger table for the whole family! Progress people! Wonderful progress…

01-15-19_3-38-21 PM

And a big train of kids are home…. but Betty is strange and stands way off from everyone else… why? *Scratches head*

01-15-19_3-40-55 PM

… He was promptly punished for this… since it’s driving me insane, crazy and everything else… like driving me up the walls. Oh well, I can survive… some more days before the triplets leave the nest.

01-15-19_3-43-07 PM

Ruby decides to fix the dollhouse, while Basil is bawling his eyes out. Bagheera is currently in a timeout I think? That’s what he gets for destroying the dollhouse all the time. I’m just happy that we can repair it.

01-15-19_3-46-23 PM

And the visiting kid is playing in the trashcan… of course. I think his name is Erik? I might be wrong… might be another kid. I don’t know anymore. To busy with caring for the family. Oh wait… is Christopher. I just looked it up. Haha…

01-15-19_3-48-03 PM01-15-19_3-48-22 PM01-15-19_3-49-23 PM

Birthdays all around! Bob and Baloo is finally toddlers! But at the moment I don’t know which one is which… give me a second. Well the little rascal Baloo was first up, becoming an Independent toddler. Bob was second up and he rolled…. Independent too! Oh my lard, thank the sims for this…. I have never been more happy for that trait before.

01-15-19_3-50-34 PM

The twins wasted no time in eating some food and sitting with one of their big sisters. Cute. This will probably happen many times over before this challenge is over.

01-15-19_3-53-27 PM

Trevor broke the stove? Check. Will Trevor fix it? Yes, because I’m forcing him to do it!

01-15-19_3-57-28 PM01-15-19_3-58-25 PM

Is not every day these two find time for each other, but when they do… they’re so adorable to me! So precious!!! #Ruby&Trevorforever.

01-15-19_4-02-58 PM

Let me tell you… this angsty little Bambi of a teen is pissed, uncomfortable or just tense most of the time I look at her… like… seriously. She just finished a jog to clear her mind, since Ruby need a child with three positive character traits for her aspiration (Ruby has the super parent if I’m not wrong…).

01-15-19_4-17-29 PM

Adorable toddler hug…. They did it all by themselves and holy moly they’re just cute. Can’t wait for these two to grow up!

01-15-19_4-18-17 PM

Ruby took some time to teach Bob either to talk, say sorry or thanks…. not sure which one. That’s how long time ago it was since I played this… and I have gotten somewhere in this challenge… which you’ll see once I get off my ass and write all my… *looks* other five updates. Yeah, I have material for five more, just need to… write them too…

01-15-19_4-23-06 PM01-15-19_4-36-04 PM

We got a mood light or a computer? Oh right… Trevor got a promotion to an astronaut! He’s getting there… finally… so now he needs to train some more. Oh my boy… my cuties… they sure have gotten far since they started.

01-15-19_4-36-21 PM01-15-19_4-37-26 PM

Ruby helped Bolin with his homework and then decided to hug him… a little awkwardly, but hey… that’s mothers for you.

01-15-19_4-42-07 PM

Ruby’s doctor wanted to come by, so while everyone was at school and work, Ruby decided to chat some… since they rarely talk with people outside the family… just saying.

01-15-19_4-43-13 PM

Ah… cute sibling hug. The oldest and the third oldest.

12-16-18_4-33-13 PM12-16-18_4-33-51 PM12-16-18_4-34-13 PM

Project time for the kids! Everyone went to work and the parents did help… at least Trevor. Ruby I’m not all sure of, but she probably did sometime.

12-16-18_4-35-46 PM

Yeah! Look here, she helped Bolin. I think she might have a favorite guys.

12-16-18_4-36-10 PM

And then Marcus Flex called Ruby and told her it was time for an underground concert. So that’s how you get to see one of Ruby’s formal/partywear. Gotta check that up. But that’s a perfect time to end this update.

About slow updates. I know, sorry about being so slow, but I must focus on some other stuff sadly most of the time, leaving little energy for writing this. But I’ll take my time. And hopefully, by the time this one comes out, we have like five more that comes! Or at least another one. Just to get up to speed. Oh well.

Until next time, take care and have an awesome day!

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