15: Huntley’s Baby Boom!


Welcome back once more to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge. Last time, we had a birthday and our second teen. Then we also had several aspirations being completed, with just the family moving on. That’s it. Onward. And look! New cover pic… nice.

Once again, thank you for your patience with the spacing of these updates. It was a a lot of things that happened this semester and intense studying, so I had to prioritize that before this. Then it was the whole thing to find job for the summer too…. which I did. I began to work this week actually and it’s a night shift so…. tired. Another reason for this being delayed. But I hope to change that now after a weeks work, getting used to it and so on. But now to stop my rambling and let us get back on track!

(And this was written almost a month ago… hehe, yeah work came and now I a little sick too, so updates will be slow…. since it’s kind of hot here too in Sweden… oh well. Thanks for your patience, so enjoy the update!)

Trevor Huntley (Father, YA)

Ruby Huntley (Mother, YA)

Bambi (Girl #1, Teen)

Bolin (Boy #1, Teen)

Belle (Girl #2, Child)

Basil (Boy #2, Child)

Bagheera (Boy #3, Child)

Betty (Girl #3, Child)

Bob (Boy #4, Child)

Baloo (Boy #5, Child)

02-05-19_2-14-37 PM

Back at the household Ruby is actually writing to get some more postcards! I have decided to try and start collecting things again, since all the kids are pretty much able to care for themselves. So we’re writing to… some place.

02-05-19_2-21-49 PM

Bagheera is hard at work at his project from school apparently… isn’t you supposed to be at school? Or is it before school? I have no clue at all, since it was ages ago these pictures were taken in the game.

02-05-19_2-42-49 PM

It might be weekend too or something, but we have birthdays too! I think it’s time for a third teen to enter the household and some kiddies to become older (aka, to children).

02-05-19_2-54-17 PM02-05-19_2-55-32 PM

And the third child just became a teen! WOO!! We’re finally making more progress… after 15 updates… haha and the first one hasn’t even left the house yet. Oh well, I can say that in the future it will become more speedy with that, since I have starting to take less pictures. Good in one way. But anyhow… this young Belle rolled Foodie as her second trait, bonus trait Physically gifted since she finished her childhood aspiration,  and the aspiration she got now is…. Vampire family. So we’re soon gonna have a vampire on our hands it looks like… this means she got the other bonus trait Domestic. We’re rolling some future family sims here it feels like.

02-05-19_2-56-23 PM02-05-19_2-56-33 PM

Then it was one of the twins turn… Bob I think? No sorry, it’s Baloo. My mistake. The twin with the bowlcut is Baloo, the other one is Bob. Haha. But he goes first and then the other comes to the cake. And Ruby just tossed Baloo across the table for him to age up.

02-05-19_2-57-16 PM02-05-19_2-59-37 PM

And there you can see the backhead of Baloo in the upper picture. Now it’s Bob’s turn to age up. I’ll tell you their traits soon. Just want Trevor to help his youngest son to grow up.

02-05-19_3-00-59 PM

Beds for the twins! Because I didn’t take good pictures of them apparently. Anyhow, Baloo got the Glutton trait (oh boy) and got the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, but got the Happy Toddler trait too, because he got all skills above 3.

Bob got the Neat trait to go along with his Whiz Kid aspiration and his Happy Toddler trait… he could have gotten the top notch, but I didn’t get the last skill for that in time… sad. Oh well.

02-05-19_3-02-14 PM02-05-19_3-02-38 PM

A lot of kids are growing up now around the world and this one… I have no clue about him, but he and Belle is getting along quite nicely. Ruby is watching like the watchful mother she is, while she painted a masterpiece again… oh and she’s almost a level 2 celebrity too, since she’s selling her paintings and getting fame point that way.

02-05-19_3-10-20 PM

Bolin is in a pissy mood. I’m guessing he needs to use the bathroom or something. But boy he looks slim in this one (Hint: he’s not really that little chubbster).

02-05-19_3-59-28 PM

The day pass and Ruby goes around to collect some more, in an attempt to get more things in the collection you know. If we finish one, I’m impressed.

02-05-19_4-43-08 PM

Buff Trevor is quite buff. Everyone is back from work and school I think (Hard to tell since these pics are ages ago… really). I can never really tire from this one. He’s my baby, or more one of them.

02-05-19_4-50-09 PM02-05-19_4-50-59 PM

Ruby got a slim down potion and it took some time before it settled in and damn she got slick like a stick. On a rainy day if you can see outside the window in the picture when Ruby takes the potion. All those babies made a number on her you know. Trevor don’t need one; he’s on a regular training schedule so no need.

02-06-19_11-58-44 AM

Some kid came home with one of the other kids in the house… and got fried by lightning at some point. Poor guy.

02-06-19_12-02-17 PM

Trevor is chained to reading, because the mental aspiration for kids needs an adult to read for them like… two hours so. Yeah that’s their life for the next hours.

02-06-19_12-18-30 PM

Kid conga line for school! We have at least two of the triplets, one teen and one of the twins too… the rest is either already there or… late. One or the other.

02-06-19_12-19-49 PM

Looked around and saw Mitchell Kalani, which if you remember from all my ramblings on this one, is actually technically Trevor’s dad. He and a sim I made long ago got married in an old save and had Trevor… So Mitchell has a special place in my heart too. Well enough of my silly ramblings about things that have been. Let’s get moving!

02-06-19_12-20-38 PM02-06-19_12-24-48 PM02-06-19_12-26-26 PM

Ruby ran around again to collect and we are getting somewhere! We have one postcard so far and one element… then a lot of things town in the basement as well. So some things, but nothing complete yet. We’ll see.

02-06-19_12-30-41 PM

I moved the spaceship too! And made a neat little nook for it, but we’re probably not going to touch it so much now… it was mostly for Trevor’s first aspiration.

02-06-19_12-35-08 PM02-06-19_12-35-23 PM

Birthday time! It’s the triplets time to shine and turn into teens!! AH!!! Hooly sims it goes fast. First up is Basil. He completed his childhood aspiration, so he’s getting the creative talented trait as a bonus that I know.

02-06-19_12-36-11 PM

… I’m dying. Just looking at this picture again makes be crack up! Oh… Well Basil here rolled… Super Parent aspiration, which granted him the Domestic bonus trait, as well as… Snob. Basil is a Cat Loving Snob, that wants to be a super parent and is domestic… I can see a house full of cats, art and other snobby things and him having them as his kids.

02-06-19_12-36-41 PM

We have Bagheera next! Standing next to his brother… in an awkward angel sort of.

02-06-19_12-37-26 PM

Being impaled as Bagheera aged up was probably not on his agenda. Oh well. Bagheera rolled… Bodybuilder aspiration, granting him the High Metabolism trait as a bonus. He completed his childhood aspiration, that granted him the Socially Gifted trait and he also got the trait Loner…. would you look at that. No surprise in this household. Poor Bagheera is gonna have a tough time until he moves out (Probably not since he’s basically friends with everyone…. still).

02-06-19_12-38-34 PM

Last up was Betty! She rolled… Master Vampire aspiration that got her the Quick Learner as bonus trait. She also completed her childhood aspiration, so she got the Creatively Gifted trait, just as Basil that had the same aspiration, and also got Loves The Outdoor trait… this is so gonna be well when she becomes a vampire… so well….

02-06-19_12-42-01 PM

Bagheera wasted no time in starting to train… haha, I love that face of the first struggle with training. Just like his father before him and as well his “grandfather before him” (I have proof of this). Oh this family is just my favorite at the moment…

02-06-19_12-42-28 PM02-06-19_12-53-37 PM

Some family moment and more, which is just nice to see. We have some (six) teens in the house at the moment, and two kids with two YA sims. I believe that next time, we might have our first adult kid move out! I’m exited and sad at the same time, since I’ll miss them when they move out… so sad… Getting teary just thinking about it. Oh well, we end this one with Ruby taking the third/fourth potion of youth for this challenge! Until next time, take care and have an awesome day!

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