18: Huntley’s Baby Boom


Welcome back to the Huntley’s Baby Boom Challenge with the one and only Ruby and Trevor Huntley! Last time, we had stuff and other things happened , which you can read all about if you go back to the previous update. Now let’s go!

Yeah, this was a while ago since I wrote, but life likes to get things in the way of this. Hopefully I can get back on track and finish this challenge this year! But yeah, have one guys after the long wait… and thanks for everyone that sticks and read this! You’re the greatest and I give you all a big hug! Now, unto the show!

Trevor Huntley (Father, YA)

Ruby Huntley (Mother, YA)

Bambi (Girl #1, YA – Moved out)

Bolin (Boy #1, YA-Moved out)

Belle (Girl #2, Teen)

Basil (Boy #2, Teen)

Bagheera (Boy #3, Teen)

Betty (Girl #3, Teen)

Bob (Boy #4, Child)

Baloo (Boy #5, Child)

03-10-19_2-54-56 PM

Bolin is visiting the household and Betty is currently doing her homework. Which makes me wonder if it’s Bob’s or Baloo’s homework over there that… sparkles? Hmm… no idea at the moment.

03-10-19_3-00-11 PM

Okay… I had no idea that you could destroy someone’s project?! What the heck… someone destroyed Betty’s project and she’s pissed. Even got a moodlet for it, like woah. And why do I bet it probably was Bagheera? Hmm… wonder why.

03-10-19_3-01-06 PM03-10-19_3-01-19 PM

Trevor is currently talking to one of his youngest that’s just… sitting by the table I think? Bolin is still around the house, looking cute and nice. He’s up for a grab on the gallery if one want to btw. (Shameless of me to hint and nudge like that about the gallery)

03-10-19_3-06-23 PM

… Bagheera, like seriously? I will personally end you one way or another if you keep this up. Or more, I torture you somehow in another savefile… gaahh!!

03-10-19_3-07-17 PM

I sent Ruby to either ground him or just put him in a time-out. She looks so feed up with him and he’s… just so damn cute!! (No… of course I don’t like Bagheera… Yes I do, like a lot…)

03-10-19_3-16-44 PM

Basil is just sitting, chilling… probably a little smug over the fact that his brother got busted and punished for that. Or he’s just chill… not caring. He’s hard to read… or he’s thinking about wanting a cat…. hmmm…

03-10-19_3-18-37 PM

Food time for Trevor and homework time for Betty. I can see the similarities between them, so I sort of know who Betty got the most from. But hey, she’s cute. And so is Trevor… yep.

03-10-19_3-24-14 PM

Sibling visit! Both the oldest came to visit… I miss my babies already. It’s so weird when they’re gone you know. It’s gonna be even weirder when the triplets disappear from the house. Then what? The house will be even more empty.

03-10-19_3-32-18 PM

Another potion of youth for Trevor! I think it’s his second… third? Not sure as usual. But hey, he’s restarting as an young adult and is as old now, if not younger than his kids… oh boy. I think that perhaps I’ll have them become adults soon… perhaps after the halfway mark? I don’t know. We’ll see.

03-10-19_3-36-40 PM03-10-19_3-38-59 PM

When the only vampire children spar inside of the house and mom gets mad… #Familyproblems. This was hilarious to watch. The kids spared with one another and Ruby came and got all mad at them. I imagine her screaming for them not to either a) hurt each other, b) destroy the floor/furniture or c) destroy the whole house… one of them perhaps.

03-10-19_3-39-35 PM

And she’s getting feed on… that escalated quickly, but Betty was thirsty so mama Ruby let her daughter feed on her. Not weird at all…

03-10-19_3-42-24 PM

And freaking Bagheera came with cereal… I laughed. A completely, normal day in the family… not even faced by anything that just happened. Nope, sire… not at all.

03-10-19_3-47-07 PM

Here we have Trevor, Basil and Bagheera all working out. Trevor and Bagheera because of their aspirations and Basil because… well I want his baby fat gone a little more.

03-10-19_3-50-01 PM

A masterpiece from Ruby. I even think this sent her up to become a rising star. But not sure, could be completely wrong about it.

03-10-19_3-50-23 PM03-10-19_3-51-23 PM

Why do I put in pointless pictures? Because I can’t get enough of my bois! These two you know… I love ’em very much (as I have pointed out several times before, but thank you people for enduring it). Also it looks like Bagheera is bugging Trevor for something, like getting to go somewhere… or not being in trouble anymore. Something like that.

03-10-19_3-56-18 PM

And this time around it’s dear old papa Trevor letting his daughter feed from him… Isn’t that what parents are for? Getting sucked dry to feed them? Oh, just vampire children? Got it.

03-10-19_4-03-14 PM

… Ruby… *claps hands together* are you trying to tell me something, since I’m not letting you speak at all? Hmm… a little concerned, but it’s a gorgeous painting actually.

03-10-19_4-10-21 PM

Look, we finally have a small upstairs corner with a TV for everyone to enjoy! And Belle was the first one to enjoy it.

04-13-19_6-50-20 PM

All triplets gathered… and each one of them doing something completely different; Basil is just staring out the window it looks like. Bagheera is taking a selfie, or more like pretending since it’s a game of Blitcblock on the screen. Betty is doing her homework as usual… that’s like all she does. She reminds me of her father.

04-13-19_6-51-14 PM04-13-19_6-52-11 PM04-13-19_6-53-11 PM04-13-19_6-53-22 PM

Birthday time! Belle went first and finally she became a young adult… and destined to always be an young adult, because being a vampire and all you know. But now Belle is Active, a Foodie and Neat, with additional trait of Responsible, Physically Gifted and as well Happy Toddler. Still have the same aspiration, Vampire Family, which give her the Domestic trait as a bonus too. And that’s Belle’s little recap and telling. Now we just have to paint her portrait and then she’s out to live her vampire life to the fullest!

04-13-19_6-54-09 PM

Oh boy the twins are finally again up to teens! First up was our little boy Baloo to have his birthday. He rolled the Jungle Explorer aspiration, which gave him the bonus trait of Collector. He also rolled Clumsy… that will sure come in handy with his aspiration, just running around the jungle and tripping over different rocks. Before he had Glutton as a kid. He completed his childhood aspiration and gained Creatively Gifted and also have Happy Toddler. That conclude Baloo and his information. (I should start to write down this better… eh… I’m gonna go make a family tree instead I think.

04-13-19_6-55-00 PM04-13-19_6-55-37 PM

And then we had Bob turning into a teen. So he grew up to get the aspiration City Native, which grants him the bonus trait of Home Turf, followed by his new trait Erratic. That’s right, we got the first nutcase of the family… I can’t wait to see what will happen with Bob. And my god, the twins looks so much alike it’s crazy… I see Trevor in them both. Ma bois all grown… *sobs* This challenge is so much harder emotionally than I thought it would be!!

04-13-19_6-56-34 PM

Oh hey, time passed. Apparently, so Belle is out of the house, her portrait is painted I think… or it might be that Trevor just got home from work, with a promotion guys! I’m damn sure that he’s now an Astronaut… or have just chosen his branch in the career… I have no clue, since I didn’t take a screenshot of this… damn it… Or it might even be him just coming home. It sucks not having a clue. It’s something at least, otherwise I wouldn’t take this pic! Or I did it because of his face… cause Trevor, do I have to say more?

04-13-19_7-00-23 PM

And we end this one with the twins working out on the treadmill, looking like they want to collapse, burning that baby-fat of theirs. This also after their makeover and I’m sure that Bob is to the left and Baloo is to the right (in the red hoodie). But until next time and update, have a good one and I’ll see you!

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